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Three Way Tie at Golden G-String Pageant

Annie Lane, BaileyFox and Ms. Parker Share Title

Three way tie? No way! That could never happen – but it did! On the night of February 26 at the Pony To6, locked in the suburbs of Huntsville Alabama, three contestants shared the title and the prize money for the new Golden G-String Invitational Pageant. The pageant, long dpr,ant. was resurrected by Lacey Rain, who herself was the champion of many pageants and holders of titles.

Six outstanding feature entertainers from across the country were invited to compete. The talent level was close and at the start of the pageant it was a guess at most who would win

Opening night started with a dinner treat from the Pony Boss himself, Jerry Westlund, whose three clubs would host the completion. After a delicious dinner we headed to Scores Alanama. The night started with a bikini walk and group photo. The first three contestants, Bailey Fox,Ms. Parker and Pixie Ray performed each doing their own distinctive and original shows.

On the second night we went to Pony ‘Bama where Michelle Lynn, Alaska Galore and Annie Lane competed. We must comment on Alaska Galore’s fire goddess costume created and made by made by Jacquie th Costume Lady. Not only was it a work of art but it also lit up with hundreds of little LED lights.

Again the performances were all out fantastic. From top to bottom, all six of the contestants proved they are worthy. How could we pick the top three? Well. that is the job of the judges and fortunately we were not one of them. By the judges scores, Bailey Fox, Ms. Parker and Annie Lane became the three finalists and would compete Friday night for the Golden,Silver and Bronze G-String.

Before we continue a word about the weather. It snowed Huntsville! In the weeks proceeding the pageant and the temperature was in the teens. Fortunately the day of our arrival the warmer day of the year. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. On the second afternoon the weather continued so we took advantage of a free afternoon to visit the Space and Rocket Center, a most amazing museum with both Apollo and Saturn rocks on display. Late that afternoon the weather began to change and around midnight the rain began to fall continuing up to showtime on Friday

The finals were held on the other side of Huntsville at the Pony Too. The three finalists, Bailey Fox, Ms. Parker and Annie Lane all had their tenon stage. Who would win? The performances so outstanding, the scores so tight that a three way tie was declared and the Pony Boss awarded all three first place money of $1000. It was an excellent conclusion to a thrilling three nights of the best feature shows one could ask for!.

All three nights the pageant ran like precision machine with everything happening exactly onetime. Lacey Rain and the stage hands need to be saluted.

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