June 18, 2020 Xcitement

New Web Site

Hello readers, we are launching a new web site. Do to COVID-19 the clubs were all closed so we were forced to suspend publication. Whenever the State of Florida, Palm Beach Broward and Miami Dade counties give all the clubs the green light to reopen we will put out a new edition the following month.

We are utilizing the down time to work on our web. Many readers have asked for back issues so we will be posting over two full years of back issues of Xcitement to this site.

There will be new features too. We will add a Showgirl of the Month, a Adult Star of the Month and an Web Girl of the month. Also we are going to post some classic Xcitement from out early years such as The Girls Eat Out. As time permits we will shall add our interviews one by one. They are amazing reads.

There is so much news to share. Check back regularly and we will do our best to keep you updated.

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