June 19, 2020 Xcitement

Clubs are starting to Open

South Florida is behind the rest of the state in getting the clubs back open. In the Tampa Bay trip-county area everyone is back in business. Not so here.

A few clubs with full restaurants opened here but with no dancers. first to open undeserving lunch only was Bellas Cabaret who operated as Bellas Cafe. Goldfinger, Vegas Cabaret and Rahel’s soon followed.

Monroe County gave the green light on June 5 with Teasers in Key West being the first. Woody’s in Islamorada opened on Wednesday.

Miami Dade County permitted clubs with full kitchens to open. The Booby Traps, Bellas and Pink Pussycat took advantage of it. On June 17 Tootsie’s Cabaret opened.

In a surprise move, The Pink Pussycat rebranded itself as Take 1, the same name as its sister club in Broward County.

At this time we have no news on Palm Beach and Broward clubs reopening.

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