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The Unstoppable Nia Nebula

Photographer: Vegas Pinup Studio • Makeup: Hailey Georgette

"“My favorite is seeing people cheering in my front row as I land a difficult trick that they’ve probably never seen before!” – Nia Nebula"

DJ Samantha XO

After competing in the EDI West and winning 1st Runner Up in the Starlet Division, Xcitement Magazine finally had a chance to speak to the world-renowned feature entertainer, Nia Nebula! Her exuberance and charm are just some of the many positive qualities she has, and it was an honor being able to showcase her story!

Xcitement: Nia Nebula, it is a pleasure to finally get a chance to speak to you, especially since you stay very busy! Can you tell the readers and me a bit about yourself?

Nia Nebula: Of course! I immigrated from Bulgaria to Canada in 2001, and English is my second language, though most people can’t tell. Hula hooping was a creative outlet while trying to assimilate into North America, though I never once imagined it would be my defining characteristic on stage. I entered the industry through many side hustles and fell in love with the performance aspect offered through the Canadian touring schedules. Getting paid to perform on stage while growing a fan base across Western, Central, & Northern Canada was definitely an experience, but one with borders I aspired to go beyond. In 2017 I put my EU citizenship to work and decided to do bottle service gigs across Europe. I loved the work-vacay lifestyle but dearly missed my stage time. In 2020 I hopped to Australia, unknowing of the impending pandemic that had me evacuating within three months of arrival on my working holiday visa. For the last few years, I’ve been competing in US pageants while trying to establish my name and brand in yet another country. This time I definitely think I’m here to stay!

Xcitement: We hope you do since your performances on stage are awe-inspiring! There are hardships and significant moments with any career that makes us continue following our dreams. Can you explain what some of the problematic parts of your job are?

Nia Nebula: Establishing myself in a foreign country has definitely been the most challenging part of joining the feature entertainment industry in the US. I love this job and everything it has afforded me, but I’ll definitely say that there are many factors at play. My favorite is seeing people cheering in my front row as I land a difficult trick that they’ve probably never seen before!

Xcitement: You recently competed in the EDI West and won 1st RU! How did that experience make you feel, and how long did it take you to perfect your show?

Nia Nebula: The Vegas Showgirl show has been evolving for over a year now. Specifically for EDI, the final song and a handful of the concepts changed since Bucks Dallas has a fantastic rig point tall enough for my trapeze, and my burlesque water bowl was finally finished. I feel like most aspects of this show were already in place, though I must admit, I improvised the entire wet portion at the end as I didn’t have the bowl to practice in. I guess you can say I fly well by the seat of my pants! LOL

Xcitement: It was a fantastic show! In addition to the EDI West, you have some other great titles and awards under your belt. Can you elaborate on them?

Nia Nebula: My top title from last year is Miss Burlesque World 2021. I’m honored to have been handed that title down from Kylie Kamakazi, who unfortunately passed away while delivering meals for the less fortunate. The most recent proud moments in my modeling career are the magazine covers and publications I’ve attained through some extraordinary collaborative efforts with Vegas Pinup Studios.

Xcitement: The pandemic had a dramatic impact on everyone in the industry. How did it affect you personally?

Nia Nebula: The pandemic was definitely a whirlwind experience! Having to evacuate Australia and survive off my savings account for multiple months was definitely not in my tour plan for the year. I feel like while it may have thrown a pretty major wrench in my plans, I made the most out of my ever-replenishing lemon tree and came out better for it on the other end.

Xcitement: Even the busiest entertainers need time for themselves! What do you consider a perfect night out, and what do you enjoy doing outside of entertaining?

Nia Nebula: My perfect date always starts or ends with food and wine. I love being outdoors, going out, playing dress-up or dress-down, and traveling around. Wineries, charcuterie boards, ethnic food, & champagne are my jam. Outside of work, I definitely love to travel. The pandemic hasn’t been the greatest aspect for my hobby, considering the world has shut down multiple times over. Still, I’m taking this opportunity to experience more of the US.

Xcitement: I must admit, when viewing your social media, I am jealous of all the places you have been and how carefree you are! It is what I personally aspire to do as well. What next adventures do you have scheduled?

Nia Nebula: My list of adventures is ever-changing, just like the scribbles in my calendar. Right now, I’m looking forward to 5 straight weeks working in Key West with some fantastic people while awaiting callbacks to see what happens next. Last-minute plans always seem to work out in my favor!

Xcitement: We can’t wait to see what you do next! As we come to the end of our interview, what is your best piece of advice to our readers who are interested in exotic dancing and feature entertainment?

Nia Nebula: In the US, the stage is definitely not something that is needed to be a dancer in a venue. While there are clubs that highly appreciate creativity and skill set at being able to dance on a podium, some of my most profitable experiences have gravitated toward champagne room sales. My best piece of advice for someone entering exotic dancing is to read books/and listen to podcasts on sales and people wrangling. Figure out who you are as a person and take an interest in things people can talk to you about. While it may seem unrelated, it’s what the majority of my time seems to consist of.

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