When we originally did this interview back in December 2016 Veronica Rodriguez was at the top of her career. Everywhere one turned in adult you woes seam T VRod. Looking back we know that no adult star did more to promote the 305 and represent our city. She was and still is an all time favorite!

To start the new year, we at Xcitement are thrilled to have our hometown celebrity Veronica Rodriguez on the cover. Veronica is a Miami girl and the rare adult star that chooses to stay local rather than move to the industry center in Los Angeles.  She’s one of the biggest names in the business, a genuine star who enjoys life to the fullest and is a credit to our city. Veronica is a gorgeous petite Latina who needs no further introduction.  Enjoy reading the interview, it’s one of the most entertaining we’ve had in ages!

Xcitement – Congratulations on all you AVN (Adult Video News) nominations. You sure received plenty! How did you feel when you saw your name over and over? 

Veronica Rodriguez – Thanks and yes this year I got nominated to 11 AVN awards, 9 nominations by AVN and 2 nominations are the AVN fans voting awards, I’m very happy, very exited, and praying that I at least win one out 11 lol. I didn’t go to the AVN nomination party in LA because I live in Miami and I was feature dancing and couldn’t make it to LA at that moment, but I had a couple of my porn star girl friends that went to the party texting me to let me know that my name kept on coming up during the event, so I cried of happiness lol. 

X – Let’s go over the nominations one at a time. You were nominated “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene” from the video Love Her Madly, X-Art/Adult Source. Tell us about the film and and Xander Corvus

VR -I love working for Colette and X-art, they are amazing people that treat me so good and spoil me, I make sure that I perform really good for them, they are great people to me. This was the second time working with Xander, he is very professional. We did this scene starting very slow and passionate but ended really hard core and with me squirting a lot lol. 

X – A “Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene” nomination went to you and Gina Valentina in Lesbian Border Crossings, Forbidden Fruits/Exile. What did the two of you do that was so hot that you received a nomination?

VR -Yes so Jodi West from Forbidden Fruits Films flew me out to Arizona, I stayed at her house in the desert for 2 days because she booked me for 2 lesbian scenes. I did in this DVD “Lesbian Border Crossings”. it’s about illegal immigrants (me and Gina) crossing the border between Mexico and the US. in this DVD I did my first lesbian scene with Gina, it was getting dark in the desert and me and Gina light up a fire, we were lesbian lovers so we made love in a blanket in the cold desert next to the fire, it was very passionate and romantic and at the end I put out the fire with my squirt lol and my second scene was with Jodi West herself, she made me squirt also lol. 

X – You displayed your oral skills in Slobber River BJs, Perv City/Evil Angel and won a nomination for “Best Oral Sex Scene.” One needs to be a real champ to get that one! Tell us about how you and Riley Reid teamed up on Mike Adriano. It looks like you girls were having lots of fun! 

VR – This BJ scene is the nastiest scene I have done in my whole 6 years of my porn career. It was my first time working with Mike Adriano but I had worked with Riley a couple times before. I was exited to work with her again. When I show up to set they let us wear cute girly outfits and funny hats lol I was eating gummy bears and drinking Red Bull before the scene started, and at that time Riley was vegan, so she was just having healthy food and vegetables before the shoot. Once we started shooting Mike licked our assholes to get us started… me and Riley had so much fun sharing Mike’s dick, but once we started taking turns it got rough and when it was my turn Riley stared pushing my head really hard into his dick making me gag on it! My eyes got watery very fast, but once we switched I did the same to her, I was pushing her head so hard for her to cry and gag on it too. Our faces turned red… it was a very sloppy bj. At the end she and I were sharing it and Mike made us gag on it till we both vomited lol It’s was so nasty I vomited right after she did, her vomit brócolis ran down my face and I vomited all the gummy beards I was eating before shoot lol This is been definitely the nastiest scene I have ever done in my career! 

X-OMG lol!!! Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Goddess, New Sensations received two nominations, “Best Three-Way Sex Scene – G/G/B” and “Best Star Showcase” first tell us about the three way.

VR -the BGG in my showcase movie Latina Squirt Goddess that got nominated was the threesome with Adrianna Chechik & Mick Blue… this scene was hard core, a squirting mess lol. Me and Adriana squirted so much, it was my first time working with her so I was very exited and nervous also, because she can be very rough sometimes so I was scared she was going to break me but she didn’t, she made me squirt so much, she is an amazing performer, I loved working with her and her squirting all over my face, she squirted so much on my face that I couldn’t breath at some point  it was awesome! 

X -Now let’s talk about squirting!

VR – I have a talent… I can squirt so much and so hard I can get the whole room and every one on set wet, including the camera crew lol! 

   I was so happy to hear that my first showcase movie that I ever did “Latina Squirt goddess” got nominated for Best Showcase Movie of the Year and I want to thank William H. And New Sensations for making this possible and believing in me. I love William so much, he is my favorite director to shoot all my squirting movies with. I am not embarrassed to Squirt on William and his camera every time he books me for a squirting movie… it’s like he knows me so well lol!

X- A “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” nomination went to you, Gwen Stark and Porno Dan in Gargle This and Call Me in the Morning. The title of the film itself is pretty outrageous! Let’s hear all the outrageous details!

VR – Yes so Porno Dan booked me for a squirting threesome live show, I went to his studio, I was drinking a lot of water because I knew he wanted me to squirt a lot, he made me squirt multiple times but at the end he got a beer pitcher and he told me to squirt in it which I did and he drank it lol he drank the squirt pitcher like if it was beer lol so nasty haha I loved it.

X -The best nomination of all that you received is for “Female Performer of the Year.” That is totally awesome and we congratulate you again. Was it a surprise?

VR – thanks 🙂 it wasn’t a surprise because I’ve been getting nominated as “Female Performer of the Year” for the past 3 or 4 years, I don’t consider myself the best performer… I know there are girls that perform better than me and deserve this award more than me so I feel lucky to even be nominated as Female Performer of the Year, the competition for this award is great and we all deserve this award at the end of the day. 

X -Your website VeronicaRodriguez.com received a nomination for “Best Porn Star Website.” Tell us about the website, what is on it and what makes it stand out about the rest. 

VR – My website is my hard work, I did it on my own (most of the pornstars don’t do their websites on their own, they do it thru their agent or a network) with the help of my boyfriend who runs it and edits all my content I put on it. We cried of happiness when we saw that my website VeronicaRodriguez.com got nominated as “Best Pornstar Website” because finally people are starting to realized my hard work, people are starting to notice all my effort I put into it and this recognition of even being nominated as “Best Pornstar website” makes me happy and I feel very satisfied with what I have accomplish so far. I’m EXCLUSIVE to my own website and company, I no longer shoot for anyone else or any other company, just for myself, so if you want to see my first anal scene that I ever did and my new XXX scenes you can ONLY find them on my website VeronicaRodriguez.com

X – The website has regularly scheduled live shows. We see you are up to #41 today. What’s in the shows and how do you keep them fresh so that your fans keep coming back. 

VR – Yes, so I do free live shows for my members of my website, I try to do one or two live shows per week depending on my work schedule, and it’s just a way to thank them for being a member of my website… I do Lesbian GG live shows, when I invite one of my pornstar girlfriends over to play with me at least ones per month, or I do BG live shows with my boyfriend sometimes & I do amal solo live shows also, i haven’t done anal for sny other company but for my own and for my website only so during my Live Shows my members can see me play with my self and practice anal, must of them are squirting live shows lol. I Squirt so much. 

X – We’ve seen you at Exxxotica with Team VRod. Your Instagram is @teamvrod #teamvrod. Who’s on your team? and what are the teams plans? 

VR – My team it’s just 5 of us… me, my BF and my 2 dogs and my cat lol haha and well yes I usually have a booth at all the Exxxotica shows and I always pick 10-20 girls to work for me at these events to help me promote my new company and website, I like butts, I’m into big booty girls lol so I make sure all the pornstars I book for these shows or to shoot for me have nice butts lol or if I worked with them before and I loved working with them. I rebook them and fly them out to Miami to shoot for me or fly them out to represent me and work with me at my booth in all exxxotica shows. 

X – You run your own company Veronica Rodriguez productions. How did that come about? 

VR – I wanted to brand my self and not just be like any performer.I wanted to also direct and produce my own content that way I can keep all the profit and not only get pay for my performance, I prefer keeping 100% of sells from every video I produced instead of only getting paid $1500 for a scene. It took me more than 400 scenes to realize I could produce my own scenes and make more money. We as performers we only get paid 5%-10% of what they make selling each video. And how I did all of this and made this happened? I invested my own money in myself, my image, my company and my website. 

X -Excellent. You are a smart woman! Exactly what is Veronica Rodriguez Productions? 

VR – Vrodproductions: It’s my company, I’m the owner. It’s a company I opened back on 2012 but didn’t get it going till 2014, I was ready to start producing and directing my own scenes because I shot so many scenes, so I learned on set how to produce and direct from watching the producers and directors. There are many pornstars around the world, but only a few of us own our own company and websites. Must girls do their websites and company threw their agents or networks but they charge you 50-65% of what you make off your website and that’s so unfair, so I did it on my own, no agent, no investors, no networks, I did it all on my own with my own money and ideas. I’m a Miami based company so usually I fly girls out from LA or Vegas to Miami to shoot for me. 

X – And what is in the future for VR Productions?

VR – I have about 100 scenes or more to put out this year, I have so many live shows to do for my members and I have so many nude snaps to send to my members of my website also. So far I have done GG lesbian anal for my website only, and anal solos, which I don’t shoot anal for any other companies. I still haven’t done my first BG anal yet. I practice during the live shows I do for my members every week, so they can watch me every week how I’m preparing my self for my first BG anal scene that will be coming out this year on my website.  It’s what everybody is been waiting for and is finally coming this new year. Also Im working on my online store right now as we speak, and it’s almost ready, I’ll be selling my private uncensored snapchat, my pictures with autographs, my shirts and my first showcase movie Latina Squirt Goddess on my online store coming soon. 

X – Getting back to social media we see you all over and constantly with new posts. It must be a full time job and then some! Do you do all your social media yourself? How much time do you spend on social media? 

VR – It is a full time job to be able to keep up and run myself all my social media, I run my own twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and I try to entertain every one every day posting something new, I feel like my image is all and if we can use social media the right way, why not take advantage of that? I love talking to my fans on twitter, I answer every one that tweets me, I snapchat every day must of the time and love twerking on my snapchat lol at the end of the day I am who I am because of my fans and those who know me and my work so I make sure that I appreciate their support back and I make sure I use my social media to communicate with my fans. I probably spend way too much time on social media lol 

X – We love your Snapchats and never miss! For those that haven’t seen, tell us what they are missing.

VR – They are missing my beautiful ass twerking every day lol. I love dancing on my Snapchat, I love showing you guys my home in Miami, my view, my dogs, my personal life off and on camera, I also show my city, my Jordan’s collection, my workouts with my trainer at the gym, food porn, my vacations, my travels and my feature dance events sometimes I also put them on my snap. 

X – Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more. What are the benefits of each? Which is your favorite?

VR – The only benefit you get off all this social media is traffic. If you use them properly you can promote anything you want really. I like Snapchat, twitter and Instagram, not Facebook much anymore. My favorite?  It’s Snapchat of course lol! 

X – Let’s go back to the beginning. Where were you born? 

VR  -Venezuela, Maracay.

X – Where did you grow up? 

VR – I grew up in Venezuela, but I came to the US when I was 12 years old. 

X – What were you like as a teenager?

VR – I was a nerd, very good in school, very calm and quiet… 

X – Tell us about the first time you viewed a porno?

VR – I was probably like 15 when I saw my first Porn video. I was curious and went online on the computer, my parents were asleep, it was late night, and I saw a B/G scene and masturbated humping my pillow lol. 

X – What made you decide to enter the business?

VR – Money, I had 2 jobs I was working at the mall as a seller and a part time at hooters, money wasn’t enough to pay my bills so I decided to get into porn. 

X – What was your experience when they filmed your first scene? 

VR – I was very nervous, I was 19, had no idea what I was about to do, very nervous and curious. 

X – Most adult stars move to LA but you are still with us in the 305. Tell us what makes Miami so special. 

VR – the beach, I love the beach vibes, I like the warm weather, I hate the cold, the winter, so Miami is perfect for me, also because my mom and Lil sister live in Miami so I never moved to LA. 

X – We follow your Snapchat and see that you live a very active life, always on the go. Let’s go through a typical day in the life of Veronica Rodriguez when you are at home. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 

VR – I wake up at 11am when I’m at home and free of work, I cuddle with my dogs and my cat. I smoke a big fat morning blunt to start my day right, I go to the gym, I have a gym trainer, so I go to the gym with my trainer like 2/3 times a week, sometimes I take pole dancing classes also. I go to the beach a lot, and I also do dinner with my girl friends. I go to dinner also almost every night with my gfs, I do live shows for my website once a week, I take a lot of bubble baths also. 

X  – What do you have for breakfast? 

VR -Arepas, I am from Venezuela so in Venezuela they cook arepas from breakfast to dinner. 

X – How much time do you spend on makeup and beauty? 

VR – I pay make up Artist to do my make up and hair because I don’t know how to do my own make up. Every time I do my make up, make up Artist charge me $150. 

X – What color are your nails today? 

VR – candy apple red. 

X – Tell us about your circle of friends.

VR  – I don’t have many friends because I have issues trusting people, I have a very small circle of friends, only those that prove their loyalty to me. 

X – Your pets? 

VR – I have 2 dogs, a cat, and 7 fishes. 

X – About working out in the gym.? 

VR – I have a trainer, she comes to me twice or 3 times a week. 

X – Do you practice pole dancing? 

VR – Yes I do, I take private pole dancing classes. maybe ones a week. 

X –  You said that you like the beach? Can you swim? 

VR – Yes I do, that’s why I live in Miami… yeah of course I know how to swim lol, I took swimming classes growing up. 

X- We saw you ice skating in Rockefeller Center. Looked like fun! How did you do?

VR – I don’t know how to skate on ice … but I’m learning, so every time I got o NYC I try to go ice skating. 

X -Your favorite Miami restaurants?

VR – Prime 112

X – Your favorite foods?

VR – Italian ( pasta ) or Cuban food 

X – Favorite night spots? 

VR – LIV , Club e11even in Miami

X – How late do you stay up?

VR – 2/3am 

X – Best time day or night for sex? 

VR – Both 

X – What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep? 

VR – Smoke a blunt. 

X – Do you think in Spanish or English?

VR – Spanish 

X – Say something cute and sexy in Spanish.

VR – Que rico papi dame más duro 

X – Now about your sex life. Girls or boys or both? and why?

VR – Both… I love threesomes 

X – Dominant or submissive?

VR – I’m very dominant (my personality) but I’m very submissive in sex. 

X – Favorite position? and why? 

VR – Missionary (because I squirt the must in missionary) 

X – Least favorite position?

VR – I don’t have one lol. I like them and try them all lol. 

X – What turns you on?

VR – Oral, making out, or when they eat my pussy.

X – Do you masturbate? frequency?

VR – Every does… if you don’t, then you are weird lol.

X – Your best body part?

VR – Lips and ass. 

X – Height, weight, measurements.

VR – – Height 5’2, weight 97, measurements 32A-24-34.

X – Favorite sex toys?

VR – anal beads. 

X – Are you a voyeur? 

VR – What’s this? Lol. 

X – Favorite male adult stars?

VR – None of them deserve a shout out from me lmao hahaha lol! 

X – Female adult stars? 

VR – 1- Kendra Lust, 2- Abella Danger,  3- Uma Jolie. 

X – Favorite mainstream actor? 

VR – Vin Diesel.

X  – Favorite mainstream actress? 

VR – Jessica Alba. 

X – Favorite movie? 

VR – Fast & Furious 7.

X – Favorite TV show? 

VR – Investigate (ID channel). 

X- Taste in music?

VR – Hip hop & R&B, salsa, reggaeton, merengue.

X – Favorite musicians?

VR – Gilberto Santa Rosa, Shakira, Daddy Yankee. 

X – What films do you have that are about to be released?

VR – Screwbox.com 4 scenes coming soon veronicarodriguez.com

X – And finally, what are Veronica Rodriguez’s plans for 2017?

VR – My online store coming soon January 1st and that includes my 2017 calendar and my first anal scene on VeronicaRodriguez.com 

X – We hope you rack up the awards at AVN. See you at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas!

All photos are copyright ©Veronica Rodriguez and ©Xcitement Magazine. Used by permission

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