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Tori Black is not your every day adult star – far from it!  She’s a tall and lean natural beauty and quite articulate.  According to her biographies, when Tori was 18 after vacationing here in Ft. Lauderdale her parents told her, “Get a job.”  Responding to a classified ad from an adult talent agency, she sent in her photo and was given an audition and her first work in the adult industry. Her career immediately skyrocketed with scenes in such classic adult series as Hustler’s Barely Legal and Anabolic’s Bring ‘um Young. Tori found herself as Penthouse Pet of the Month in December 2008.  Industry nominations and award soon came Tori’s way. Tori is the first person in history to win two AVN Female Performer of the Year Awards, winning back-to-back years in 2010 and 2011. She also won the Female Performer of the Year award from XBIZ and XROC in 2010.  Shortly thereafter Tori Black stepped back and took a break from the films for an extended period of time.  Now she’s back full force.  Xcitement welcomes Lee Network exclusive Tori Black who is making her third appearance on the Xcitement cover.  Tori Black will be signing at Exxxotica Miami on July 20-22 so make sure to visit and say hello!

We just recently saw you at Exxxotica Chicago Let’s start our interview here. Tell us about Exxxotica Chicago, what you did, etc
Traditionally Chicago and Jersey have been some of our great shows. I like Miami too, everyone loves the warm weather. Chicago was really great for us and there were a lot of new upcoming faces in attendance. There were lots of good vibes and good energy. I had a great time and now I can’t wait for Miami!

How does meeting and interacting with fans impact a career?
A lot of people see you on film so they have ideas and perceptions of how you are and what you may or may not be in real life. I feel that the shows show a lot more and people get to see what our personalities are really like. One of my favorite things to do is be with people, not just fans, but in life. I love to be with people. I’m kind of a social butterfly. It gives me a chance to show people I’m just like any other girl. So come say “Hi” to me, have a conversation. I’m always excited to meet fans. It really is important career wise to get out and have conversations and enjoy being with fans.

You feature dance. Could you tell us about the club experience.
In Exxxotica I get to meet everyone but the big difference is that I get to take my clothes off! It’s my opportunity to be fun, crazy and sexy all at the same time which is what I am. On stage I let it all go and have fun. I like to get the party started, I am known as the Party Starter. Hopefully I will have a chance to dance while I am down in Miami.

At whose booth will you be signing at Miami Exxxotica?
I will be signing at the Bad Dragon booth. They usually have a great location on the floor and have the most girls and they always treat me so nicely. I’ve been signing for Bad Dragon for quite awhile now.

Recently you hosted the pool party at Sapphire Las Vegas. Did you get wet? Exactly how does one host a pool party?
Essentially what they want you do is start the party. They want you hang out and be eye candy. I got to walk around and pour champagne on people. They want you to get the party turned up. So do I like to get in the water or be a lounge chair lizard and lie out in the sun? I was definitely more of a lizard.

Seattle, your hometown, is one of our favorite cities. We’ve been many times. Could you tell our Florida readers about Seattle.
Yes, born and raised. Actually I grew up on Bainbridge Island which is just outside of Seattle. It’s a small tightly knit community across the sound from Seattle.

Your bio says you played football and boxed when you were a teenager.
Football was more of a family fun thing. I loved football. Boxing I was very intense about but I quickly learned I was very injury prone. I’m always looking for new hobbies so I moved into belly dancing after that.

You began your career while on vacation here in South Florida.
I did. In Fort Lauderdale actually.

Tell us about your first scene, if you still remember.
My first scene was a shaving fetish solo. My first boy/girl scene was one of those “Pick her up at a local restaurant and bring her back.”

How did Penthouse find you?
Penthouse found me thru Emma Nixon. She was shooting box covers for Zero Tolerance and I was doing a lot of work for Zero Tolerance at the time. She shot a box cover of me and told me, “I shoot the Penthouse Pet layouts and I want you to be the next Pet.” Initially Penthouse wanted to decline because they said my boobs were not big enough as they gravitated to the more busty. She said that if they didn’t want me then she wouldn’t shoot at all. She eventually won out. We shot a wonderful layout and I loved it. I was actaully only the second girl under 21 to be on the cover of Penthouse.

One of your best known early roles was as Catwoman in “Batman XXX, a Porn Parody.” Please tell us about it.
Being approached to appear in a parody is always exciting to me as I love to act. When they asked me I answered, “Yes, of course!” Axel Braun is so intense. The quality level of all his parodies exceed the rest, he’s he best out there. It’s because of his attention to detail and his dedication to accurate description. It was a phenomenal project to work on. In my opinion, if you are going to do a parody it really needs to be high quality.

Over the course of the years you shot so many scenes. What was the craziest thing that ever happened while on set?
All sort of things happened. It’s hard to single out one. I remember doing a driving shoot. I was giving a blow job in a car and the cops pulled up behind. I was actually giving a blow job up front. We were lucky and didn’t get pulled over but I do remember the sheer panic!

In 2009 you won your first award and then the awards kept piling on, including back to back AVN Entertainer of the Year in 2010 and 2011. How did all those awards, we are seeing 16 in three years, affect your state of mind?
What I didn’t anticipate was the social response. I would definitely like to say that all of us are very warm and welcoming, but unfortunately that’s not the case and there is a lot of cattiness that goes on behind the scenes. I never did become a performer for awards or recognition. I still don’t strive for that recognition. I want to have fun, I want to be creative. I want to be inspired by my own projects. I’m not worried about awards. If they come, they come. I did notice the raw energy of the industry pile up a lot faster. The good part of it was that my career was skyrocketing. I was getting job offers and projects. I was kind of overwhelmed and needed to step back. That’s why I stepped back and took my hiatus. I came back now and I’m in a much stronger emotional state. I’m more prepared to handle the entire scenario.

In researching for the interview we see very little from then on until recently. Could you fill us in.
I took time off for personal reasons. For a good seven years I was on break.

The adult video industry has changed drastically over the course of your career. What changes do you notice the most.
The internet. Obviously the internet has been there. It’s not always for the best, but we have to come around and adapt to the times, going from the old to the new. We have to deal with the free porn situation. I feel slowly but surely it’s coming around. I find a lot more webcam models right now. I will say there are so many new stunning female additions to our industry. The modeling industry with its harassment situation is becoming less appealing. The female driven independent porn community is more appealing where everything is above board. The people can say and do what they want and don’t have to hide behind closed doors. I feel the industry is moving in a positive strong direction.

Currently we see your involvement with Vixen and Blacked. Could you tell us about it.
I’m actually contracted with Vixen. Vixen and Blacked are under the same umbrella. We have many projects in the works. We have several things in the can now, photo shots and scenes. I can’t wait to share them but we are very secretive as a group. We like the shock factor of dropping, releasing a new scene. I can’t say very much but what I can say is that I am contracted for a year and there are lots and lots of projects that will be coming everyone’s way.

I’m sure we will see the announcements on Twitter.
Oh yes, they sure will!

How essential in social media?
Entirely essential. I am very pleased that it’s going really well for me.

What are your most valuable platforms? Twitter? Instagram? or your website?
I’ve tried some of the fans only sites, there are more that I need to try out, but for now my most important is Instagram

What keeps you going or motivated to remain in the adult industry, particularly porn?
It’s personal for me. I feel that our country needs to be pushed in a more positive moral direction. Being a porn star I believe we are crusaders for people who want to be themselves. We are representatives for people who need to get their voices heard, that it’s ok to be a sexual person. It’s ok to deviate from the normal sexual and social patterns; that society doesn’t dictate sexuality. Each individual has it’s own private sexual preferences, whether it be that be straight sex or bound in front of people or you like people of the same sex. Maybe you don’t associate with one gender or the other and are androgynous or you really don’t know what you are or what you want. We promote being confident and comfortable in your own skin. To me that is a moral and strong position that is very important to me. So that is what motivates me. I find a lot of my fan base comes to me for that particular reason.

Excellent statement!
Thank you.

We shall see you at Exxxotica Miami!
I can’t wait to be there and to meet all my Florida fans and friends. I’m excited to come to Miami!

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