Sam is the rare person that you meet and never forget. She has a vibrant outgoing personality and a smile that wins you over.
We have know her since the very beginning of her career. We have done several photo shoots over the course of time.. She has been in Xcitement before and was our featured entertainer of the month. Today we are glad to have Sam as our cover girl for this issue.
Sam is hard to keep up with. She is everywhere on social media. Often she has been a dancer in Palm Peach County, Florida but is sometimes back home in Kentucky and occasionally out as a feature entertainer. One place she loves to be is in font of the camera. Her you go!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The beginning of a typical day for me, regardless of where I am at, be it at home, an event, or a booking always starts with sorting through emails. Reading which ones are important and need to be addressed, which I can delete, and so forth. After I get done sorting my emails I move on to social media, making sure I make posts on each feed and story of every account I have. Then, I do a light amount of networking with other online girls and checking my stock and crypto accounts. This all happens before I get out of bed.

What’s for breakfast?
Nearly the same thing every day, my breakfast is pretty set. 2 vegan sausage links, a quarter cup of fat-free cottage cheese, 3 strawberries, 4 raspberries, half a kiwi, and a veggie omlette made with only egg whites, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. Occasionally I will add coffee in, but that is not an every day thing.

You are Asian Indian, How has your ethnicity effected your view of life?
I feel as though my viewpoints are not necessarily unique being that there is quite a large brown population in the United States, I have gotten a lesser broadcasted set of ideologies due to neither being white nor black. In many ways, when reading articles written about racism, I am able to take a slightly more centered view and identify when either side is being far too extreme. Though, still being a woman of color, I am able to see when accounts of inequality do occur, be it in the media, in real life, or even in the club industry.

Have you ever been discriminated against? Racially profiled?
Of course, everyone has. I personally have dealt with this my entire life, school age onwards. The older I get, the easier it is to deal with. Though I will not speak on percentages of who is discriminated against more than others, I believe everyone faces it at some point, to some degree. Racial profiling is apparent, however the best thing I can do about it, is meet each person with a smile, and deal with individual cases one by one as they pop up.

Tell us about growing up (in Kentucky)
Oh boy, what a time. This is where obviously being a minority comes into play. The county and high school I went to was roughly 2% non-white, if I am recallng correctly. Lucily, Kentucky also happens to be fairly centrist, and modernized as opposed to other parts of the country. The towns were small, yet still had just about anything you could ask for in them. If you wanted to go horseback riding, kayaking on a lake, hiking, or the like, there is somewhere within two or three hours of you where there’s just an amazing place to do so. Alternatively, if you want to go to a mall, a major strip club, basketball game with thousands upon thousands of people, or bar hopping, you can find somewhere great for that, too. I’d say the state is very dynamic, which gave for a fairly well rounded culture instilled in myself growing up. Upon traveling the country, I’ve met city people that had no concept of the country whatsoever, and vice versa. I’m thankful I was able to experience both. Sadly, though, I have not been able to take a whiskey tour or go to the Kentucky Derby yet. Those are two non-sexual things still on my bucket list.

You are well educated. Tell us about your schooling.
I was that Indian teenager. I believed whole-heartedly I would be a doctor, right? I attended both public and private colleges, studying biology, nursing, with pre-med coursework. Kept my grades high, felt I was doing what I truly enjoyed, at the time. While I was in nursing school, I also held a job as a medical technician. I feel as if working that job at such a young age also helped me learn on top of my coursework what I thought would be an integral part of my future career. If that wasn’t enough, I also held multiple internships and shadowed many doctors and surgeons in order to better pinpoint which specialty I felt I belonged to. Upon landing on cardiology, I started a job on a heart floor at a local hospital, and had started working on a heart project, that with today’s technology would not be obsolete. Oh well. Fun fact, the tattoo on my leg was dedicated to the hospital and the project I had begun, ,I had also drawn it myself!

What was the first job you had?
I actually worked in a chemistry lab. I was only allowed a certain amount of hours a week, and most of what I did was cleaning the glassware left dirty at the end of the day. I also was a CNA while I was still a senior in high school. Working was not something I shied away from.

How and why did you become a dancer?
I always loved sex. Who doesn’t? I also had a great attraction to women, which led to me being a semi-regular customer at a local strip club. Upon talking to and getting to know the other dancers, I was soon convinced to audition and try it out for one weekend, just for fun. Well, years later and I’m still here! I just added featuring and porn on top of dancing, instead of just trying the industry out.

And now you are doing porn, how come?
I actually started internet work far before I auditioned as a dancer. I had several online camming accounts the moment I hit 18. It was never a priority, yet lended me some nice extra pocket change. (You’re telling a college kid she can masturbate then actually have money for a dinner out? Sign me up!) Fast forward to roughly three years before 2020. OnlyFans becomes something in the media, subscription sites start to crop up. Okay, why not join those, too? Again, I used those mainly for side money while I was dancing full time and featuring elsewhere. Then, as we all know, pandemic comes along, and, boom, strip clubs closed. I was stressed, yet relieved I had those sites to fall back on. I then bought a few books on marketing, basics of the internet, as well as photography equipment to fully dive into it. I did not expect to come as far as I have! I loved it! I loved the photos, the videos, the excitement! Or, should I say, Xcitement. I began filming with other people, and that was that. I have created a new chapter of my professional life. Though the clubs are reopening, I don’t plan on quitting or slowing down any time soon. Let’s see how far I can go!

You have lots of pay social media. What cam we view and where?
As far as paid social platforms, wow, there’s quite a few. I offer a variety of boy/girl, girl/girl, anal, toy, and solo masturbation films. Some of which are storyline scripted and quite fun to watch. My handles are all @xsamsinghx , to be found on: OnlyFans, AVN Stars, ManyVids, SextPanther, Foxy, PornHub, NiteFlirt, and Sexy1on1. All direct links can be found on my personal website,

Can you discuss the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of dancing versus porn?
Benefits and advantages of porn vs dancing I’ll start with first. Again, I love the sexual aspect of it. I may be slightly over-obsessed with the topic, c’est la vie. Secondly, I have no schedule, I have no boss, no managers, no anything I don’t want to do. I have complete autonomy over my body and time. The independence of it is probably the strongest advantage of the job. Travel is also a bonus, I can travel to a location shoot and not have to worry about missing any work. As long as there is a solid internet connection, I’ll be fine. A great disadvantage would be the time put into the job. Holy Moly. I spend nearly 12 hours a day at a computer. Creating flyers, social media networking, filming videos, posting those videos, making custom requests, live shows, interactivity with my fans, and keeping all of each website organized! I have lists upon lists of what needs to be done on a daily basis. Another disadvantage is the volatility of porn as a whole. I’m sure most of you had already read about the demonetization of PornHub, as well as the shadowbanning and deletion of sex workers socail media accounts, some of which did not break any guidelines, yet were just discriminiatory towards the career. One other would be the personal accountability is more so than a strip club. I’ve got to make sure that all my paperwork is in check, as well as eat the chargebacks myself. I don’t have a club to sheild me.

We have done many photo shoots. One time we got busted by the Myrtle Beach Police. Tell us about it.
Haha, I remember this quite well. Miss Nude South Carolina, 2017. I was so new at modeling back then! So, we had decided to shoot on the beach at the hotel we were all staying at. I wore one of my regular bikinis, not a show bikini or anything like that, just a blue string bikini. I kid you not, a police car rolls onto the sand, and approaches me to tell me that my bikini was too small! He then asks me if I would wear this if I were at home, which was precisely why I had not considered it to be inappropriate- I wore it all the time in Palm Beach! Sometimes in public, not even at a beach! I was forced to then change outfits, and was told I should be grateful that I was not getting hit with an indecent exposure charge. I found that to be quite insane, as it was a beach, and we were in the water!

Recently we were at Expo. Tell us about your experience,
What an expo! I did enjoy it being in Miami, being somewhere I would consider home gave me an extra sense of security. I had a blast. Nearly every party was packed, I had countless photographs taken, won the first Expo spelling bee, and got a title to take home with me. It did feel like a whirlwind of events, but I greatly enjoyed myself and am already looking forward to the next expo.

Where are you now and what are you doing?
I am on a 13 day break at my cabin in the middle of the woods in Kentucky. Playing catch up from my last booking in Peoria, IL, and waiting for my upcoming in Las Vegas, NV. There are plenty of photos and videos to keep me occupied over the next two weeks!

What are your plans for the rest of 2021.
My travel schedule is quite full. I’ve got Las Vegas, NV (twice!), Denver, CO, Moab, UT, Grand Canyon, AZ, Dallas, SD, Miami, FL, and Maui, HI already confirmed and on my list. There may be a few more I can squeeze in!

What is your sun sign?
Sagittarius, which makes perfect sense in me as it is a fire sign, and full of restlesness and the desire to travel.

Favorite color?
Purple, for now, it may change later, though the majority of my closet is black!

Favorite food?
Sushi. Definitely sushi.

Favorite drink?
As far as non-alcoholic goes, I love the sparkling flavored water. No calories or sugar, still tastes like a soda! As far as alcoholic goes, I’m a sucker for a cold Nigori Sake.

Favorite celebrities?
I want to say Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears, but if we are talking current, I’m digging Bella Poarch right now.

TV shows?
Stephen Colbert and John Oliver I always make time for. Other than that, I really don’t have time to watch TV.

How much time do you spend on social media.?
HOURS. Probably, 3-4 hours a day. Posting, networking, making sure my pages are all up to date. I won’t lie and say that sometimes at the end of the day I won’t look at it for fun too, though.

Favorite sex position?
On top! I like to ride,

be it in videos, or for pleasure, I always prefer on top.

Your specialty?
Currently, my boy/girl themed movies are something I am really proud of, I would like to call those my specialty as they’ve taken a lot of work. I also pride myself on being willing to try just about anything. That makes for some fun and interesting custom videos I’ve done. I’ve learned new fetishes, learned about new fetishes I did not realize that I had in myself, and learned that there’s a few I don’t quite love. But, once again, I’ll try just about anything!

Favorite sex toy?
There a these little devices that suck on your clt. Yes please. A vibrator or dildo will never make me cum like those will! Those were actually the first toy that ever made me squirt.

Last thing before you turn our the lights?
Again, check final emails and messages before finally turning my phone on silent for the night. It’s work when I get up, to work when I go to bed.

Anything else that you would like to say?
I am happy I’ve come this far! If you don’t want to join a paysite, you could always follow me on Twitter or Instagram, @xsamsinghx Thank you guys so much! I can’t wait to see what comes in the future.

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