In January 2020 we ran a month long Covergirl of the Year 2019 contest whee our readers voted their favorite magazine cover . Ruby was the runaway winner! Here is her photo proudly displaying the sash we gave to her.

We’ve always known you as Ruby Ryder, the showgirl with the ruby red hair. Now you’re a blonde! what brought that about?

The red hair was fun and definitely got me noticed in the industry but honestly I was just ready for a change! Also I just recently moved to Florida and its impossible to maintain the bright red with all the swimming I do. Now I will find out if Blondes truly do have more fun!

We understand you are from the very north of Michigan where its freezing cold this time of year. How does it feel to be wintering here in warm sunny Florida?

It feels AMAZING! I’ve spent my whole life shoveling snow and freezing my butt off for the winter season. I’m really loving the sun and warmth and rubbing it in my cold friends faces! The only thing I miss is my snowmobile.

We would guess that there weren’t many strip clubs in your part of the country. What was the nearest club? Did you start dancing there?

I actually started dancing in Wisconsin and there are actually quite a few little strip clubs around but my first club was Granddaddy’s Gentleman’s Club in Wausau, WI. If you’re ever in the area this club is worth a visit!

How did you learn about stripping and what motivated you to start?

I was working full time and honestly was just bored with life. I basically got dared to try dancing and absolutely fell in love with it! Everything just kind of clicked. I quit my full time job and immediately pursued turning dancing into my new career as a feature.

You are one of best dancers we’ve seen – we are talking about dancing as opposed to stripping. Do you have any background or training in in dancing?

Thank you! I’ve always been a super elaborate and theatrical person even as a really young child. I was raised in a very musical family (I play the flute and sing) so I learned my rhythm from that. I also was a Figure Skater most of my childhood and a Cheerleader in highschool.

It takes so much effort to become to a successful showgirl feature entertainer, let’s go through some of the elements.

First you need costumes. You have had some fantastic ones.  Could you tell us about them?

One of my award winning costumes was my Parrot which really got me recognition early in my career. It was completely hand and custom made for me by Phill Jourdan. It was glitter, feathers, and sequins and really resembled an actual parrot with the wings, headdress, and tail! My new current costume I’ve been competing with is my Butterfly which is a Jacqui. It is very oldschool burlesque style with glitz and beading and 15 feet butterfly wings. They are ridiculously heavy to dance with but makes for a beautiful entrance.

No show is a success with good music. How do you select the songs you dance to?

First I pick my theme then I really spend a ton of time googling to find songs that match that theme. It’s really important for my music to flow throughout the whole show and fit the theme even when I’m naked. Luckily I work with and know quite a few DJs in the industry. They help a lot!

Stage props can also enhance the show. Why?

Props can be so important to really create a character or to use in a messy show! For example my Deadpool show would not be complete without my Swords or my Parrot wouldn’t have been as fun without me splashing around in the giant bird bath at the end.

How do you tie everything together to make a complete show?

It’s all about the theme, the music that matches, and the costume. I also have changed my dancing style to fit with the show to make it fully complete. For example in my 1940’s Military USO show I dance to all 40’s swing music and I learned how to dance from that era. During my Parrot show I used Samba style music and actually learned to Samba!

What are your two favorite shows that you perform? Can you describe them?

My jungle woman show allows me to be barefoot and wild! I absolutely love the upbeat music with heavy drums! At the end of the show I actually drum with neon paint on the drumhead causing it to go flying and create a really cool show. I also love performing my Butterfly. The music is so fun and the wings are incredible to make an entrance with. At the end of the show I take a fully nude shower on stage! I built a 6 foot tall shower that runs with a fountain pump and the shower head is changing LED lights. It looks really pretty on stage.

Competing in pageants is important to get recognition as a show girl. We know you have competed in many and we have photographed quite a few.  Tell us about your first pageant, how you felt and what went through your mind. What motivates one to compete?

My first pageant was Miss Nude Wisconsin 2015 where I won Entertainer of the Year and a few other titles and then I was hooked! I had only been dancing for a couple weeks but I don’t recall being nervous at all. I honestly felt like this was my calling and I was just excited for the opportunity. I am motivated to compete each year mostly just for the chance to create and perform a really awesome show! Winning is obviously fantastic and the titles are good for booking but pageants are also great because we get to see fellow performers and just be with like minded people! Pageants are like a sisterhood honestly!

What are all the titles you have won?

I’ve won over 50 titles and crowns over the years! Here are some of the major ones:

2015 Miss Nude Wisconsin Entertainer of the year

2015 Miss Nude U.S. Rising Star

2015 StripperRama Grand Champion

2015 FDNC Newcomer Grand Champion

2015 and 2016 ED Nominee for Newcomer of the year

2016 Miss Nude Exotic Grand Champion

2016 Jada DeVille Award

2016 Miss Nude Exotic Performer of the year

2017 Miss Nude Best Dancer

2018 Miss Exotic Illinois

2018 Miss Exotic United States 2nd R.U.

4x Audience Favorite, 2x Hottest Body, 3x Best Show, 4x Best Costume, 9x Best Dancer

We heard that you won a “Screaming Cock” contest. Exactly what is that and what did you do to win?

There was a rubber chicken with the noisemaker in it and we had to place it on a guys lap and then give him a lapdance. Whoever made the chicken make the most noise won! Well I am known for being able to shake my booty extremely fast so I made the cock scream really loud and pretty much constantly. I got a standing ovation for that one! It is one of my proudest awards.

Nudes-A-Poppin’ is a pageant all to its own.  Tell us about your experiences.

Oh my Favorite time of year!!!!! Held at the Ponderosa Sun Club (a nudist resort) in Roselawn, Indiana Nudes-a-poppin is an absolute out of this world experience! With tons of sexy fully nude performers both male and female from all over the world and celebrity hosts such as Ron Jeremy and Flavor Flav this competition just can’t be beat! I won the newcomer competition back in 2015 and have since placed in the showgirl division and Miss Nude North America! It is a huge outdoor stage and you perform in front of thousands and it’s just a blast! I love being naked all the time and never want to leave! I get to see some of my closest friends at this event!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes the results just doesn’t make any sense.  In your opinion what should judges look for the most in scoring a pageant?  Secondly, what can be done to improve the quality of the judging? 

So I’ve actually had the honor of judging a few competitions and it can be tougher than you’d think. I really just look for an overall theme, attitude, and sex appeal. Everyone obviously has different tastes on what they find sexy so you have to strictly focus on the performance aspect and just basic beauty. The hottest girl isn’t always the best performer. I think judges should always be people who are familiar with the industry, not just random customers because that can get really biased.

Being a traveling showgirl, one gets to see the USA.  How far and where have you traveled to?

I have performed in 21 states and multiple cities in those states! Some of the favorites being Myrtle Beach, Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, and West Palm Beach!!!!

What are the best things and worst things about traveling?

I love exploring the city I am performing in. I live full time in my RV so I really can go on adventures. I also really enjoy meeting my fans that come out to see the show and spending time with new friends! The toughest part about feature traveling is that we really miss a lot of time with family and friends. I’ve missed funerals, weddings, births, and other major events. There are sacrifices that have to be made to succeed but the outcome can really be worth it!

Some basic questions, first your measurements, physical description.

I am 5’1″. I’m a 32DDD with my measurements being 38-26-40

Astrological sign?


What’s your best body part?

My Booty or my eyes

Least favorite body part?

My arms

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I sleep naked so basically I roll around and stretch nude with my furbaby Princess Tuesday. Puppy Yoga!

What do you have for breakfast?

I make amazing breakfast foods and it is my favorite meal of the day! I’m always whipping up a new omelette, eggs benedict or something like that.

What comes next in your day?

I might put clothes on. I usually take my dogs for a walk around the RV park. A lot of days I hit the beach!

Do you work out? If so, what is the routine?

Besides hiking and swimming I don’t really workout. I think I get enough of a workout dancing! I give awesome lap dances and am always working up a sweat with my customers. Come get one at Scores Palm Beach 😉

How much time do you spend on makeup and beauty? 

I really don’t spend a lot of time getting ready besides taking super long showers. I have my makeup routine down pat so it takes me about 20 minutes and I’ve been wearing my hair naturally curly lately.

Casual clothes or dressed to kill?

I prefer to be nude! No, but during the day I’m pretty casual with some leggings and a tank or short shorts and a graphic tee (Mainly Marvel and DC). Once the sun goes down I’m dressed to kill with skintight clothing and a sexy pair of heels!

Are you a fan of lingerie?

I think it’s really sexy for photos or for a little fun in the bedroom but daily I never wear a bra or panties!

Adult toys? What’s your favorite? Why?

I recently received the Hitachi wand as a gift from a fan off my amazon wishlist. He received a nice thank you video 😉 But seriously this thing is incredible. It has so many settings and different ways to use it! It is fun solo or with a partner. I highly recommend!

Do you watch porn? If so what?

I do! I actually really enjoy the parody porn or ones with a story like Pirates or Rocky Whore Picture Show! 

How late do you stay up?

I am definitely a night owl! I am usually never in bed before 3am.

What makes for a romantic evening?

I’m really not a romantic person. I’d rather have a fun night of karaoke, live music, or dancing! I do enjoy having a bottle of wine or three though!

Best time of day or night for sex?

Morning for sure! For me sex wakes me up and gives me energy so it’s the best way to start your day.

Best place for sex?

Literally anywhere! if you want it bad enough you make it work! Kitchen counter, balcony, passenger seat….the list goes on.

Favorite position? least favorite?

Either my legs up over my head or doggy! Is there a least favorite?!

Submissive or dominant?

I have a pretty dominant personality but in the bedroom I prefer to be submissive as long as I still get mine.

Craziest place you ever had sex?

A moving Zamboni on an ice rink we broke into! Hey I’m from Michigan!

What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?

I usually shower then jump into bed naked with my furbaby! I put on an episode of Criminal Minds or Forensic Files and am lulled to sleep by murder and mystery!

What pisses you off?

Animal Abuse! Can we just euthanize the people who do it?! Also self entitlement and ignorance.

What makes you smile?

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. Actually basically any animal. But I am pretty much always smiling! Life is too short to be sad.

What turns you on?

Beards, Tattoos, a well dressed man with just a hint of cockiness, a woman with a great ass, Tequila, the looks I get when on stage or in a private dance, oh the list goes on. I’m horny!

Your favorite foods?

Good Weiner!!!! But no seriously I freakin LOVE hotdogs! Also, sushi, Thai food, and steak tacos.

Are you a good cook?

I am an excellent cook! I make an awesome stir fry or my homemade beef lo mein. 

Favorite color?

Green! Emerald and Lime.

Favorite mainstream actor?

The Rock. He is so sexy and also very very funny.

Favorite mainstream actress?

Emma Stone

Favorite recent movies?

Deadpool, Venom, Aquaman. Also I love anything Horror!

Favorite TV shows?

Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Into the Badlands, Slasher, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy

Taste in music?

I literally listen to and enjoy just about everything. From Metal to Broadway Musicals. Country to Old school Rap. The only thing I really dislike is mumble rap. What is it seriously?!

Favorite musicians?

Linkin Park, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Queen, Romeo Santos, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Pitbull, Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert, so much more!

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about Ruby Ryder?

I am actually in works right now with pursuing my acting career. I have already received one major role in an upcoming horror film and have a few other options I’m mapping out! 

What are your plans for 2019? 

Get noticed in the feature circuit with my new look as a Blonde! Add some more titles to my list. Take as many acting jobs as I can. Get published in more magazines. Explore the North East Coast in my RV. Learn a new stage art form…I’m thinking sword dancing. I’ve got big plans so keep an eye out for me!

Instagram: missrubyryderxx

Facebook: Ruby Ryder

Amazon wishlist: Ruby Ryder

Email for bookings: missrubyryderxx@gmail.com or contact your favorite agent! 

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