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Rubber Doll really needs no introduction, she is the best known rubber fetish model and a most highly acclaimed feature performer. This marks her fourth appearance on the Xcitement cover and that makes her our most popular cover model ever!  Rubber Doll will be bringing her awesome shows to the  Spearmint Rhino, August 9 and 10.  In September she will be at Exxxotica Miami where her nightly stage show is always the highlight of the event.

Exactly what is “Rubber Fetish?”

As with most fetishes, there are many differences and nuances to the rubber fetish, so it’s really hard to give it just one definition. Most all rubber fetishists get sexual arousal from some form of rubber or latex clothing, but there is a wide variety amongst those people. For instance, some people are simply turned on by the way it looks on others. These are the people who love to admire a beautiful woman in a super tight and shiny outfit. Other people get turned on by the way it feels when you wear it. The restrictive feeling of it tightly clinging to every curve. Some people get into very extreme forms of latex bondage and encasement, with heavy rubber hoods and other gear that severely limits the ability to move. There are also people who are fixated on a single type of rubber clothing, like gloves or stockings or even raincoats. So, it can really vary from one extreme to another. Some people just get turned on by hot girls (and guys) in sexy rubber outfits, while others want to be put into heavy rubber bondage. For me personally, I love it all. Everything from high end latex fashion couture to totally freaky rubber kink.

What is the difference between rubber fetish and latex fetish?

There is no difference. The terms “rubber” and “latex” are used interchangably. But it is a common people to be confused about that. I get asked that question all the time.

What are the tools of the trade?

Well aside from that actual rubber outfits, there are few necessary items that every rubberist needs. First and foremost, is a something to help you get dressed. As you can imagine, squeezing into a tight rubber outfit isn’t always easy. I prefer to use lubricant, which I put on my body before getting dressed. It’s best to use a high quality silicone based lube for this. It not only helps you get into your rubber, but also keeps it more comfortable. Some people use talc powder for this, but I find that it gets very messy.

You can also use the lube to shine your rubber and give it the slick look everyone loves. Nobody likes the look of dull rubber, so also be sure to lube up and shine yourself all over (or better yet, have someone else do it for you .. hehe)

Another good thing to have is some rubber cement. Latex can be very delicate and always seems to rip at the worst possible time. Rubber outfits are glued together, not sewn, so its helpful to have your repair kit ready for the inevitable accidents.

What is your favorite apparatus?

There are so many latex toys and devices that I enjoy using that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I am particularly fond of inflatable latex dildos. It’s so much fun to put the normal sized toy into one of my playmates, and then start pumping it up. Their reaction as it expands inside of them is always priceless.

I also like different types of latex restraints, such as straightjackets, arm binders, and other things I can use to keep a submissive partner under my control. And once I have them securely bound, I can reach deeper into my toy box and have my way.

What is your favorite fetish outfit in your wardrobe?

Now that is an impossible question. I used to have a closet filled with rubber, but now that has expanded to an entire room. There are so many outfits for so many different moods and activities that it is hard to pick just one.

But, I guess if there is one that I am most proud of, it would be my rubber robot outfit that I wear during my “Robotica” stage show. It starts with a classic black latex catsuit (you just can’t go wrong with a catsuit), which is then topped off with various robotic pieces that are covered in LED lights. To bring this outfit to life, I had to learn how to wire and install all the lights. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to do it, but in the end it was totally worth it. When I walk on stage wearig this outfit, every head in the club turns.

What type of scenes are on your web site?

The scenes on my website range from kinky fetish scenes to more sensual themes. The one thing you can always count on though is that everyone will be dressed to the nines in latex outfits from the hottest designers around. And since half the fun of wearing latex is taking it off, you can bet there is always a naughty ending to every scene. I shoot girl/girl and solo scenes exclusivley, which is the artistic vision that I like to convey. I always try to focus on bringing the viewer into a fantasy world where kinky exploration is not only possible, but is mandatory.

How often do you add a new scene?

I add them as I come up with new ideas and kinks to explore. There is a lot that goes into producing fetish content and it takes a little more planning than an ordinary porn shoot, but I think it’s worth the extra work.

Who are some of the people you have performed with?

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to perform with tons of hot girls and have gotten into all sorts of kinky situtations with them. When I first started, there was a group of fetish models who were doing similar types of erotica that focused heavily on latex fashions. It was great to be a part of that scene and I’m glad to see that many of them are still involved in the scene all these years later. More recently, I have joined Vicky Vette’s VNA network, which includes a great group of performers, some from more traditional porn backgrounds and a few other fetishists like me.

Describe a few of your most outrageous scenes?

Well, I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff, so that is really hard to narrow down. Everything from all girl orgies, huge strap-ons, strict female domination, heavy rubber bondage, stinging spankings, tasty transsexuals, pervy public play, and the list goes on. If someone has a fetish for it, I’ve probably done it at least once.

We need to discuss how it all began.

When I was a teenager first I was into Gothic music and dressing Gothic. I went to either the first or second Fetish Factory Alter Ego party that they held. I remember getting the flyer and it said I could come wearing Gothic clothing. I was going into clubs when I was very young, I would sneak in or somehow get in. Then there were 18 and over alternative clubs. Getting back to the Fetish Factory. I went to the party all dressed up in Gothic clothing. I saw this performance that blew me away. I saw all the people in the audience dressed in fetish clothing and here I am dressed all in Gothic (laughs). I still looked really good. That night I was completely blown away. The next week I got all my dresses, I had quite a collection. I would even win prizes at these Gothic clubs for the way I was dressed. I decided that day that I was going to completely change. I decided this was the next step for me.

And what came next?

There was a girl who lived in Lake Worth that was very interested in my collection of dresses, so I drove up and asked what she would offer. She paid me that day. I turned around and started buying latex outfits. Latex was very expensive. Just a little skirt would cost $150. I was still a teenager. Teenagers don’t have a lot of money. I had a job but it was not the kind of job where I could just buy latex outfits. Quickly after that I met my current boyfriend and he said, “Let’s make a website.” We can make it a pay site and you can buy latex outfits with the money that you get. It turned out to be way more of a success than I anticipated.

It certainly did!

Yes this is back in 2000 when pay sites actually made a lot of money before the internet got saturated. I was one of the very few that actually had a fetish pay web site. There was just two of us and mine was hardcore. I worked very hard around the clock. It became very popular. Some latex designers saw me and wanted me to model their outfits. I started modeling for them. Next I started designing my outfits and they would make them for me. Now mostly all my outfits I designed myself. I still model latex so the designers can sell the outfits. I was in catalogs.

Let’s continue. The next step please.

I started webcaming, That was the next step. Both caming, pay by the minute, and for my website. Fetish clubs started contacting me to perform and to do appearances. I had to put an act together for these performances. That was kind of scary as I had never done that before. My first one was a nun act with a confessional. That was at Fetishcon Tampa. After that Fetish Factory wanted me to perform for them and that was how it all began. One thing led to another and for five years I did a European tour. I got to headline fetish events. One weekend I would be in Italy and the next Switzerland. At one point I was the opening act for Dita Von Tease in London. That was phenomenal.

When did you start performing in Strip Clubs?

David Michaels from A-List saw me at Exxxotica and at a swingers event. He really liked the way I performed and waned to book me but I had no idea who he was. I had no idea that feature dancing was even a thing. I had never heard of that before. Everything I had always done was underground club scene. Dave would come up to me all the time and tell me that I really needed to start feature dancing and these shows would go over very well. With my fan base it would be phenomenal. I kept rejecting him because I had no idea who this guy was, but one thing led to another and I decided to do it. I did Pink Pony in Atlanta and it was pretty good. I knew a promoter in Atlanta because I had done fetish parties for him. He showed up with all his fetish people and I killed it! It turned out to be a really good first time event. It was an amazing night and weekend because all these people showed up.

What’s new for 2019?

Well, we are already over halfway through 2019 and it seems like it has flown by. One of the bad things about being so busy is that the time just slips away. I have spent the first half of 2019 touring and have been in a new city nearly every weekend. It can be exhausting but I love meeting new people and turning them on to my unique brand of fetish entertainment.

Where are some of the places you have been to and events that you have attended so far this year?

So far this year, I’ve been doing a nice combination of gentlemen’s clubs, fetish parties, and conventions. I like to keep up a variety in the types of bookings that I do. The gentleman’s clubs are great because they allow me to be a lot more intimate with the fans and I get a lot more one-on-one time with them. Plus, the shows can obviously be more explicit in that environment (and who doesn’t like more explicit shows?!?). The fetish parties are awesome because I love seeing everyone all dressed up and playing with each other, and those types of parties are how I got started in this whole thing. And finally, the conventions are great because I get exposed to people who might not even be aware of what I do. Events like Exxxotica and Xbiz draw people that might not ordinarily come out to see a fetish performance, so they are great opportunity to grow my fanbase.

What is on the schedule?

I’ve got quite a busy schedule ahead of me. In the next three months I will be in Milwaukee (Silk), West Palm Beach (Spearmint Rhino), Memphis (Gold Club), Detroit (Deja Vu), Miami (Exxxotica and Submission), Minneapolis (Spearmint Rhino), Houston (Sinical Ball), Connecticut (Keepers), Washington DC (Cloakroom and DC Fetish Ball), Denver (Platinum 84), and Key West (Fantasy Fest). Plus, I’m always adding new dates and appearances, so make sure you keep an eye on my social media accounts so you can find out when I’ll be near you.

Let’s go over Social Media

My main social media is Instagram which is just Rubber Doll. Twitter is my second favorite, Rubber Doll, and then I have my Facebook and that’s Fan Page Rubber Doll, (I’ve been deleted eight times on Facebook, people are always reporting me) My websites,, and and finally Tumblr where I am Miss Rubber Doll.

Do you have a new show, new costume?

I am always working on new shows and costume ideas. But, I like to keep them secret until its time to reveal them in a debut peformance. So, I can’t say much right now, but keep your eyes open. I’m sure you will love what is coming next!

How do you keep it all fresh?

I think the key to keeping things fresh is to love what you are doing. I got into this because I have always had a passion for fetish fashion and kinky lifestyles. Even if I didn’t do this professionally, you’d still find me decked out in latex and getting pervy in the clubs on the weekend. I find new inspirations for performances and outfits all the time. Sometimes its from very mainstream things, like regular fashion designers or music or movies. I just put my own kinky twist on it, and voilà, it’s been RUBBERIZED!

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