December 2020

It’s official!. Rubber Doll is now our most published cover girl with cover number five. What more could we ask for at Christmas than for Rubber Doll to be on our cover. Here is a special treat for our readers with photos that she took especially for us.

Dear Santa … 

I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but I still think you should leave the following gifts under my tree:

-Lots of shiny latex,

-Obedient slave boys and girls,

-Kinky toys to use on them,

-And of course … lots of hand sanitizer.

What Rubber Doll merchandise do you have for sale that would make great Christmas presents?

I have tons of great RubberDoll swag available at my online store, My most popular items are my T-Shirts. I’ve worked with some great artists to create some really eye-catching designs. I’ve also got hats, beanies, and personalized 8×10’s. And in keeping with the times, I still have a limited number of my RubberDoll face masks. But they are disappearing quick, so grab yours while you still can!

Christmas red background with fir branches and bells. Vector illustration.

When you were growing up, how did your family celebrate Christmas and Noche Buena?

Well, I grew up in a Cuban family, so we always celebrated on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena), rather than Christmas day. That is the traditional Cuban way of celebrating Christmas. It would be a pretty typical Christmas celebration, except with a Cuban twist on the food. The roasted pork was always the star of the show and was pretty much essential. We would typically have a pork leg, but some larger families would cook the entire pig. And all the other traditional Cuban side dishes would be present, like rice and black beans, yuca, plantains, etc. I’m starting to get hungry just answering this question.

What are your plans for this Christmas and New Years Eve?

Like most people, I will be scaling back a little on what I do this year. I love Christmas time, but this year I think we all need to try our best to be safe. So, I’ll still see my family, but will focus on smaller gatherings. I already skipped out on Black Friday shopping this year, which is always one of my favorite parts of the holidays. It’s a little sad, but the holidays will be back again next year and hopefully we can all get back to normal by then.

Christmas red background with fir branches and bells. Vector illustration.

2020 was a disaster for the adult entertainment industry. How were you personally affected?

It’s true that 2020 turned out to be nothing like I anticipated. As you probably know, a huge part of what I do is performing in gentlemen’s clubs and at adult events. With most of those places being shutdown or very limited for most of the year, I had to deal with a ton of cancellations. I went over six months without a single booking. A few have started to come back, but the clubs are really struggling to balance being safe with managing to survive financially. I’m hoping that once the vaccines start getting distributed, I will be able to return to the stage in 2021. It’s the thing I love doing the most and I miss it dearly.

What lessons can be learned from the COVIC-19 pandemic?

I’ve been in the adult industry for quite some time and the one thing that I’ve learned is that you’ve always got to be ready to adapt because the business is constantly changing. The pandemic is just another challenge in a long line of twists and turns and you’ve just got to remain flexible and do your best to adapt. For instance, with the clubs shutting down, I shifted my focus to the online aspects of my business. It hasn’t been fun for anyone, but when life gives you lemons it’s time to get your lemonade stand running.

What did you do to make the most of your time in 2020?

Like most people, I’ve decided to focus more on my online endeavors, such as my OnlyFans and camming. The one silver lining to the whole pandemic is that it has allowed me to get back into creating photo/video content a lot more than I had been doing previously. I had missed doing that and it’s been fun to express myself that way again. It’s a lot different than performing on stage, but it’s just as rewarding in it’s own way. In my personal life, it’s also made a lot more time for me to do some home improvement projects and to enjoy life at home rather than being on the road all the time. I actually even got to decorate for Christmas this year, which is something I usually don’t have time to do.

Did you create new shows and costumes?

Typically, it is the costume idea that comes first and then I design the show around that. It can be a complete theme or it can just be one aspect of a costume that gets me started, but that is almost always the beginning point. Then I start to think about what props would fit in and how the show should evolve. Another really important part is finding the right music. That can make or break a show, so I spend a lot of time looking for music that fits the routine perfectly. I think performers sometimes overlook the importance of matching the choreography of the show to the changes in the music. I can’t understate how essential that is to putting together a good performance.

What are your expectations and plans for 2021? What is on your calendar?

Like everyone else, I’m still holding my breath and crossing my fingers that things will start to return to normal in 2021. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I am still prepared to adjust to whatever the situation ends up being like. I had a whole bunch of club bookings that got cancelled in 2020, so hopefully I’ll be able to rebook most of those for next year. So, when the clubs start opening in your area, make sure to let the clubs know you have missed seeing your favorite feature entertainer!

A message to your fans,

When I sign my autographs, I always write “Stay Kinky!”, but now I think the message needs to be “Stay safe so we can get back to being kinky!”. It’s been a tough year for everyone, but we will get through this and will be back to having a naughty time together again soon. In the meantime, look me up online and we can have some dirty fun together from the safety of our homes.

Christmas red background with fir branches and bells. Vector illustration.

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