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Katie Morgan is one of most recognizable personalities in the adult industry having a career that includes television, radio, mainstream movies and of course porn.  \She starred in numerous shows on HBO such as “Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed” and “Katie Morgan: Porn 101” to name just two.  She was known for appearing naked except for her high heeled shoes.  Katie was the female star of the 2008 romantic comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  On radio she touched all bases, FM, Satellite, and Internet, specifically the highly popular Wankus Show on KSEX Radio. Currently she has been on the road feature performing.  Katie will be in Florida this July at the Miami Exxxotica show.

You’ve had a long and illustrious career accomplishing so much!   It’s hard to pick an entry point for an interview.  Since we are making plans for EXXXXOTICA and you are booked to appear, let’s start there.  Tell us about the public experience of meeting fans, answering their questions, making conversation etc.. 

I love doing the Exxxotica conventions! There’s such a fun energy, everyone is happy and horny, and I really vibe on that energy. I genuinely enjoy meeting my fans!  It’s so great hearing how much people have enjoyed all my hard work… pun intended. 😉

What are you bringing with you to EXXXOITCA? What will you have to sell, etc?

I bring a variety of merch to the show. 8/10s 5/7s posters dvds and of course fans can take a selfie with me too! Prices start at only $10 for an autographed photo. 

Tell us about 2018, the things that you’ve accomplished this year, the films and scenes you’ve done, appearances you’ve made….

2018 has already been such a crazy year! Of course there are a bunch of new scenes and movies coming out, but mostly I’ve been on the road. Since the beginning of the year I have been on a whirlwind dance tour for Deja Vu. It’s been such an awesome experience traveling the country with Evan Stone. We have so much fun everywhere we go. It’s really great getting out there and meeting the fans in a more intimate environment.

We read that your professional name, Katie, is derived from Scarlet O’Hara of Gone with the Wind.  Could you tell us what it was about her that inspired you?

I did take my first name from Gone with the Wind. I think what I really liked about Scarlet is how she never gave up, even when the whole world came down around her she just kept going. Tomorrow is another day!

And your last name, Morgan, of Captain Morgan of Rum fame. How’s the captain lol? Are you a fan of pirates, rum or both?

Yes Morgan is from Captain Morgan. I am a fan of pirates and rum. Omg Black Sails was Amazing!  At the time I picked the name Captain Morgan’s was the main liquor in my favorite drink. Lately though I drink my vodka than rum… WAY less carbs!

The story about the marijuana smuggling bust is recounted over and over when we researched you, but for those who haven’t heard it and how you got into porn, would please retell it for our readers.

When I was 20 I was arrested at the Mexican/American border with a bunch of weed. I was trying to come up with money to cover the rent it didn’t go so well… while I was out on bail fighting to not spend the next five years in federal prison I was watching a lot of porn. One day a few weeks in to the whole mess I was watching a movie from Shane’s World where they had a party at some cabin that turned into an orgy. I thought god that looks like fun!! Then it occurred to me that those hot dudes and sexy ladies were getting PAID to be there. That it was their job to have fun and fuck each other, and just like that I decided I wanted to do porn too! I found an agent and got myself right in. It was maybe a week from I wanna to do this to signed up with the agency. 

Dirty Debutants was a favorite of ours. We met Ed Powers on numerous occasions and in fact did an interview with him about his Dirty Debutant series.  Could you tell us about Ed?  How old were you when you were in Dirty Debutants and how did you come to be in the series?

I did my first scene ever with Ed Powers. Back then he tried to get everyone’s first scene, so I waited an extra week to get on his set. He was great! He made the whole thing so fast and easy. He’s an old school pro, having such a great first experience in the industry definitely encouraged me in my quest to be a porn star. I love this business!

From there you went on to be over 400 projects before retiring in 2008. That sure kept you busy! Could you tell us about some of your favorite porn films that you appeared in?

I have done hundreds of movies over the years. I took a good long break from hardcore starting in 2008. During that time I did Zack and Miri make a Porno, a bunch of Hbo specials, That Sex Show for LogoTV and of course I was still feature dancing all over the country… but then I really missed all the dicks! Three years ago I came back to doing hardcore movies. There have been sooooo many great ones over the years its really hard to pick! My current favorite is Bad Babes inc. from Adam and Eve. It’s a super fun comedy with an original script (NOT a parody)and I had an absolute blast shooting it last year. It’s a two disc set with 3D glasses, I highly recommend it to collectors or anyone who enjoys hot sex with a fin plot.

Tell us about a few of your all time best scenes… 

Another old favorite is Gods Will from Private. I got to play god and Steven St.Croix was the devil and we had crazy hot sex. It was so wrong and right all at the same time. Great scene!

At the same time, starting in 2002, you became involved with HBO and were in so many shows.  Can we have a brief recap.

HBO is the BEST! I was with them for 9 years and we did so many specials! They made my career by giving me a platform to talk to america about sex. People come up to me literally every day and tell me how much they loved those shows and how much they learned from them. 

You did “Sex Tips” shows on HBO.  What were some of you best sex tips?

There we some great tips on that show! I think the best tip of all is communication! Tell your partner what you want and listen to what they want. Communication is everything in sex. When I do a porn scene before the camera rolls we have a conversation about sexual likes and dislikes. We being whoever is having all the sex, it can be pretty funny in a group setting! Sometimes I feel like I should be taking notes!

Our readers would enjoy hearing about you sitting naked and doing interviews while on HBO.

That episode with the interview was actually the first special I did for HBO, Katie Morgan a Porn Star Revealed. It was super fun!

 ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ was your first mainstream role.  Tell us about Stacy, the character you played.

In Zack and Miri I played Stacy a sweet local house dancer who really loves anal, but hates oral. It was a really great experience working with so many talented people. Kevin Smith is one of my heroes. Dogma is one my favorite movies of all time!

Where does the Wanker show on KSEXradio.com fit into the chronology?  Tell us about Wankus and you cohosting and any special memories.

Oh wow KSEX! I did the Wanker show from 2002-2006. It was a live streaming radio station, and they were a little before their time, but god damn it was fun! That’s actually where I meet my best friend 16 years ago.

Tell us about Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.

When I came back back to doing hard core in 2015 I went straight to Nexxxtlevel. I had run into Jonathan Morgan (one of the founders) who I’d been friends with for years, he told me they had started an agency and if I ever wanted to get back in front  of the camera to call him. So I did! They are the best, I couldn’t imagine anyone else representing me in this industry.

Did you see many changes in the industry from then to now? Or will porn always be porn?

I think porn will always be porn. Sure different acts or scenarios get popular and the faces change, but I don’t think the basics ever change. People having sex while others watch and enjoy. Yes please!

Today the industry is social media driven.  What are you thoughts on twitter, instagram, the internet, etc.

I think social media is great! It’s so nice to be able to just tell people where I’m gonna be or what I’m up to. For anyone with things to promote social media made it soooo much easier than it used to be!

We can’t emphasize this enough but it always needs repeating, why should everyone pay for their porn?

People should pay for their porn because other people work to make it. Not just the actors but crew and directors and graphic artists all the way down the line. No one says they shouldn’t pay for the work anyone else does. If people don’t pay the companies don’t profit and the movies stop.

Currently so much porn goes straight to the internet. Is that a bad thing? 

Of course not! The internet is the natural evaluations of everything. Just like it’s easier to shop on amazon than the store of course its better to stream porn than go rent or buy a dvd like back in the day.

Lets talk about you.

Are you a day person or night?

Definitely a night person. I like to wake up a few yourself before the sun goes down.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Feed all the pets… and make coffee!

What’s for breakfast? lunch?

Breakfast coffee (and egg bites if I’m out) lunch is sushi if I’m choosing.

Do you cook?

Yes I do cook. 

Favorite foods when dining out?

Really good French food is my favorite

What do you do to stay fit? Do you work out? Gym? 

I stay fit through diet and exercise. I eat pretty low card and I do a lot of different workouts including yoga.

What do you do for relaxation? pets? hobbies? interests?

I have a bunch of pets, and I love gambling.

Do you watch TV?  Favorite shows?

I watch SO much tv. Its on my phone like all day long. I love everything from sitcoms to dramas and documentaries. 

Best movie you watched recently?

I really don’t watch too many movies mostly binge tv shows.

A role or character you would like to play in a mainstream movie?

I would love to play any character in another mainstream movie. It’s such a blast being part of a big production.

Do you enjoy travel? What are your favorite places? Where would you like to go?

I love traveling I’ve been all over. France and Italy were so amazing. I would love to get back to Venice some day. I’ve never been to Rome that would be a dream come true.

Favorite color?

Favorite color is green. Or Blue… maybe both can I have two?

Dress up or casual?

I like both! I have SO many clothes!

Lingerie? Your wardrobe? 

I mostly wear lingerie for work. I always feel extra sexy wearing something silky.

Sex toys?

I love sex toys, I have a big box of them in my room.

What’s the best time and place for sex?

My favorite time and place for sex is bedtime in my own bed. I sleep so good after a good fuck.

How often do you work (film) now?

I shoot movies whenever I get the chance. My dance schedule keeps me pretty busy, but I still manage to fit in a few movies a month.

What are the plans for when you retire again.

I have not made any plans for when I retire again. Maybe I’ll do stand up comedy.

You were inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame!  How did it feel?

It was such an honor being inducted into the hall of fame. I’m in some great company!

List all you social media.

You can find me @

Twitter  @thekatiemorgan

Insta.   @katiemorganxoxox

FB.     @thekatiemorgan


And finally a word to your fans.

To the fans thank you all so much for watching! Jack on! 


Thank you and we shall see you at Exxxotica.

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