We first met Janine Jericho at the Exotic Dancer Expo where they were showcasing feature entertainers. Janine was wearing an incredible batman costume complete with bat wings. We knew right there after watching her show that she had star power. Xcitement has followed her career ever since and we have been fortunate to see her perform in many venues and pageants across the USA>

 Describe yourself in one short paragraph

I have been an international headliner and have maintained top feature entertainer status within the exotic dance industry for over the last decade. Continuing to win top titles and awards, over 80 in my career, with 30 being in the last 3 years alone, spanning both hemispheres and three countries.

How and when did you get into feature dancing

I got into feature dancing after watching features perform and knew that featuring was what I wanted to do. I bought the costumes, worked on my appearance and my shows and a year later I was featuring.

What are the most important titles that you hold?

The most important titles that I hold, that mean a lot to me, would be: Best Feature Showgirl, Exotic Angels Oerformer of the Year, World Ultimate Entertainer, Ultimate Duo Champion and Canadian Grand Champion.

What is your favorite show that you perform and describe the costume that goes with it?

All of my shows are my favorites! I can’t pick just one. My transformer, Bumblebee has become iconic. My Frozen show, me as Elsa, with an led dress and snow machine with an igloo, has been my most awarded show and Star Wars is always the audience favorite. I am the dark side, playing Darth Vader with Yoda, storm trooper and tie fighters as my stage props.

Last year you criss crossed the USA from one end to the other and back. What were your favorite places?

So far, I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been. I especially enjoyed the southern States, the food is to die for and I just love the southern hospitality.

How did you end up living in the Tampa Bay area?

What makes it special?When I first came to the U.S. I tried living in Miami and after a month, realized I wanted a long life expectancy lol Some friends mentioned, St. Pete, for it’s quaint and chill vibe and it didn’t disappoint. Plus I need sunshine! I wanted to leave the Vancouver rain behind me.

How badly did COVID-19 impact your life?

I have been tremendously impacted by Covid, like all performers. My World Tour has been cancelled and lost almost 5 months of back to back bookings. This was my biggest touring year to date. Although I had lost a lot, I’ve also been able to be creative with other income streams, budgeting, saving, reconnecting with friends and discovering other ways to survive and thrive. Though I’ve been greatly affected, a lot of positive things have come from this experience as well. I got my PT certification in the US, started writing my book, started another entrepreneurial venture creating other income streams, saved some money from not touring and connected with a perfect duo partner, Tylee Texas, taking performing to yet again, another level for me. These are things I wouldn’t have had time for. Growing up in Northern Alberta gave me a soldier mentality. Keep moving, keep pushing, keep your focus and then hit the ground running.

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We see you formed a duo act with Tylee Texas.Tell us about it.

Originally, Tylee Texas came to me for coaching sessions on featuring. She was so quick to learn, a bundle of amazing energy and   a natural talent, that she evolved rapidly. And then we started goofing around with flips and acro moves…then the ideas began to flow. I think the US is ready for a duo act!! And we are Opposites attract, we both compliment eachother perfectly.

What are your thoughts on Expo 2020

I think Expo 2020 is needed! It is like the glue holding many in our industry together during the most challenging time we’ve ever experienced. To have that support for one another is essential right now. 

What good things lie ahead in your career this year and next?

The good things that lie ahead are my first duo booking with Tylee at the Pony Clubs and rebooking my World Tour for 2021. Tylee and myself will be at Exxxotica this year in Chicago, performing and have a booth, so our fans can come meet us in the flesh. So, things are looking up and getting busy. The only way out is through. Keep positive and things will work themselves out faster. I am 

Hey Alabama are you ready? The Double Trouble duo, Fire and Ice are coming to Scores and The Pony in Huntsville, Alabama on August 7and 8 for their debut performance. Do you think you can handle it? They have created some fun characters for you to enjoy.

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