June 12, 2021 Xcitement

Stacey Daniels Reports on Expo

I have to admit coming back to the eExpo I was  very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect since everything had been shut down and this is the first time we got to see each other since the last Expo. This year I decided to get my own booth so I can learn to be an advocate for myself. Although in the past years I was always at the worlds pageant booth, but this year I felt it was time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest. First day of expo I decided to put my Jigsaw prop at my booth since it is a part of one of my shows. A lot of people loved it and took pictures with Jigsaw. The reason for why I had him at my booth because I was hoping to get a Halloween booking in October. I met so many amazing people the first day. The opening night party was so much fun and I made so many new friends. Second day I was still nervous. I went to talk to Peeled documentary director, who had some bananas he was giving out. I got myself a banana and decided I would put the banana in between my butt cheeks. I walked around the expo with a banana in between my butt cheeks and kept doing back walkovers while the banana stayed in my butt.  Everyone at the Expo laughed so hard and thought it was comical. For whatever reason, me putting a banana between my butt cheeks got me some offers for some bookings.  One thing I learned when being nervous in an environment such as the Expo, sometimes you have to do unusual things to tackle the nervousness such as putting a banana in between your butt cheeks. I would like to thank Peeled for allowing me to use that banana in such a way. I will never forget. In conclusion I would have to say I had the best time of my life. I achieved what I came for and I had so much fun at the parties and met so many great people. Also the awards show was amazing and entertaining. Congratulations to all the winners at the Expo! One thing I learned from the expo is that when you learn to just have fun and enjoy the moment it makes for a much better experience. Thank you Kris  Kay and Ed publications for making this happen! We did it! See everyone next year! 

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