June 4, 2021 Xcitement

Sam Singh wins Expo Spelling Bee

“The Opening Night Sunset Lawn Party for Expo 2021, oh my. What an amazing event, thanks to the Pony Clubs as well as our host, Dane Hansen! This was our industry’s first-ever seen Feature Entertainer Spelling Bee. Upon hearing the news, I had to sign up. So, joining the line of scantily clad women, we waited our turn to approach the stage and attempt to spell industry appropriate words such as “burlesque” and “commando” with hopes of winning what could very well be a booking to one of the Pony clubs. Round after round we went, with each being more difficult than the last. The last few rounds came down to both myself and another entertainer from Tennessee with a similar background to myself. Hilarity ensued as we were approached with words such as titillating, as well as our stamina as it grew well into nighttime. Eventually, the event came to a close, all with a drink in their hand, and I standing on stage with a microphone wondering how exactly I was left as the sole entertainer on stage. As far as any other spelling bee I have ever competed in, this was by far the most fun, and most inappropriate. Headed by the industry’s best DJs and shot by some of our best photographers, I’m sure the attendees and entertainers alike will not forget the wild ride any time soon. I would love to see these spelling bees, or similar types of games played in the future at Expo as they can be great team building exercises while remaining fun. Point standing, I have yet to shut up about it! Can’t wait to see what is to come to a hotel pool deck or sky lawn in the future.

Photo by Tony Lowry. Original text by Sam Singh

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