June 1, 2021 Xcitement

Report on Expo

Lucy Skye and Penelope Peaches Report on their Expo Miami Experiences

Lucy Skye

I will admit at first I wasn’t going to go, I didn’t know anything about Expo. I was planning on going next year when I felt better prepared; but I’m so thankful that Gracie Cardoso and Penelope Peaches pushed me to go and be here this year. It was such an exciting and fun experience! I had the honor of being a part of the Miss Nude World pageant series booth. I want to give a HUGE thank you for everyone that helped out with this event and the showcase at Candies Cabaret! I’m glad I had the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people; so many that came together for this event had such a positive and energetic vibe to them. It was such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by. I enjoyed my time also being in this beautiful weather and being surrounded by so many loved ones. I’m a little sad that it was so short and we had to leave Miami and our friends so soon. But I can’t wait for next Expo and I hope to see you all again soon!

Penelope Peaches

This year I had the honor of attending the ED Expo 2021 held in Miami Florida, and what a time it was! For those who may not know, The ED Expo showcases the entire industry in one place! This year in particular was special for helping ignite the industry again, following a year filled with hardship. The week was filled with many talented women, vendors, and club owners. For me it was a really eye opening experience into the depths of the inner workings of the industry. Beyond all that, it was a ball!  There were many showcases and after parties that featured many of the top girls in the industry. I personally had the honor of performing for the Midnight Showcase held at Candies Cabaret. As always it was a blast to be able to perform on stage and work with all the talented ladies that night! It was a phenomenal learning and growth experience that I will surely not forget!

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