July 22, 2020 Xcitement

Miss Nude United States Opening Night

Luxxx Showgirls, Peoria, Illinois. Wednesday, July 23. In the afternoon the contestants and all involved met up at the club for an introductory meeting where the rules and general information of the pageant were laid out There were 15 contestants on hand who would be divided into two categories, one for newcomers and the second for masters , those who have won previous titles and actively feature entertaining. The newcomers are those seeking to break in the business or just starting out. Ata the conclusion of the meeting they drew number for the order they would compete. With so many new faces, this should be an exciting night!

Here is the draw and the order the woman would compete. Newcomers: Trinity, Tat 2 Barbie, Lucy Skye, Penelope Peach, Molly Jane, Morhegan Moon, Natalia Skye, Rebel Doll, and Tay Love. The Msters: Angel Beau, Kylie Kamakazi. Raven Kali, Fenton Rae, Stacy Daniels, Lili Rivers, and Shay Lynn.

Competition began at 8:00

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