July 1, 2020 Xcitement

Lap Dances OK again

This is insane. Lap dances are now OK, but the 10’ rule remains in effect for Miami Dade County strip clubs. 

“Despite COVID surge, lap dances still OK in Miami-Dade. But drinks stop at midnight,” reads the headline in the July 29 Miam Herald. This is in contradiction to reports on Channel 7 news who said that lap dances were banned and a 10 foot rule was imposed. 

The Herald went on to say, “Those operating plans included provisions for lap dances to continue provided dancers wore gloves and masks, the same rules required of barbers and massage therapists. Miami-Dade approved those plans, and places like Booby Trap and Body Miami reopened even as COVID trends were worsening in the county.”

At this moment we are not sure who is open and who is closed so please call the club before you head out.


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