December 13, 2021 Xcitement

Holiday festivities 2021

The holiday festivities are back! The 2020 holiday seasons was dismal, with curfew and other Covid restrictions.  This yearwith the pandemic largely behind, the parties are back in full force. The fun starts in mid December with many clubs having their annual Christmas parties. A few choose not to celebrate Christmas but instead hold a winter party between Christmas and New Years.  In Miami Christmas Eve is Noche Buena and all the clubs with a Latin crowd take the night off reopening Christmas night.  Many clubs close to observe Christmas while others never close. New Years used to be a lost night for strip clubs. Yeas ago Scarlett’s came up with a then brilliant idea of not being a strip club on New Years Eve and instead throwing a couples party.  The dancers were given the night off and encouraged to bring their significant other to celebrate.  This worked so well that it has been copied by other large clubs. While this is great concept for a large club, many small clubs take the night off as get can not compete..
The holidays came with a mixed blessing. With Christmas and New Years falling a Saturday the weekends were ruined,however many people took the week off and the week nights looked to be great.  The good news was that the Orange Bowl on December 30 was a BCS semi final game between Michigan and Georgia and their fans flooded the are and paced the clubs.
The following Monday it was back to business as normal. The tourists are back but concerns about Covid still linger. 


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