January 1, 2022 Xcitement

The Lustful Lexi Nicole

"They say the art of swinging is a form of taboo so, I thought, why not share this taboo with the world and put it on film?"

Lexi Nicole

This sultry beauty gives new meaning to the word, STUNNING! The sun shines bright on this Florida native, along with her devotion to her fiancé and family. An avid cat lover, Lexi only wishes she could take her furry felines along for all her adventures. As an Aries in astrology, she has the characteristics of being passionate, free-spirited, confident, and driven however, don’t attempt to get on her bad side! For 7 years, she studied and mastered the art of Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Aikido, giving her, her well-deserved Black Belt! With Fire being her element, she certainly has the spirit to prove it.

When she is not being a badass family woman, she devotes her time to her new passion in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Growing up, her favorite television series was The Girl Next Door, featuring popular Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion. Secretly, she would dream of being a Playboy Model so she could live out the high life as a pornstar, all the while creating an unbreakable family bond. She discovered that as a Lifestyle Swinger, she was able to have a long-term stable relationship, as well as share her passion with other couples and groups.

“They say the art of swinging is a form of taboo so, I thought, why not share this taboo with the world and put it on film?”

Lexi decided to create this option for other couples and OnlyFans gave her the platform to do it. Doing this brings more attention and education to this side of the Adult Entertainment business.

“I have become a model for the lifestyle and have built an empire to give others a safe place to express themselves without judgment.”

The are many individuals that are curious but, skeptical in the art of swinging. The biggest misconception is that this form of adult entertainment is only found in the communities of retirees and older generations. The truth is lifestyle is more commonly used in younger generations now and has become a place to express yourself openly and honestly.

“The world has a negative outlook on swingers and I’m here to shine more light on the positives!”

Besides waiting for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to contact her, Lexi’s goals and aspirations are to become one of the top-rated and most well-known lifestyle creators in the adult industry. She is well on her way to achieving this feat by hosting large gatherings with other swingers to create delicious content for their online fans to indulge in.

When asked, “You are part of the January issue of Xcitement; what is your New Year’s Resolution?”

Lexi Nicole smiled seductively and said, “I would like to have the confidence to partake in more public sex. As a swinger, I should be more open to public sex at these events, and that has always been a struggle of mine.”


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