July 2020

We first talked about doing a photoshoot at Nigthmoves in Tampa last October. Eight months later we finally had the opportunity. Here are the results of one very fast afternoon. Not bad, if we may say so ourselves. We expect this to be the first of many. A new star is rising.

Describe yourself in one short paragraph

From Dallas Texas. Natural Redhead, Bubbly, Life of Party, Published, Feature Showgirl, ProWrestling, Model, Director of The Cat Foundation, Cosmetologist, Traveled the world. Long days at the beach, absolutely love all foods

Where, when and why did you start dancing?

Jaguars in Abilene,TX I went in on amateur night on my 18th birthday and Jeb Jarrell the dj recruited me.

How did you go from living in Texas to living in Tampa?

I live in Clearwater. I still have a home in Texas. I came down for Nightmoves and fell in love with many things in this area plus was offered a paid contract with Hulk Hogan modeling for Hogans Beach shop. So many of opportunities are here in Florida.

We see you formed a duo act with Janine Jericho..Tell us about it.

Initially I had contacted Janine Jericho about mentoring me as a Feature Entertainer. EVERYDAY was a different adventure from silks to fire to acro yoga moves, everything just flowed like ying and yang. We are constantly coming up with shows and moves! Everything seems to fall into place.

Tell us about the costumes you own for feature dancing.

Cheerleader, Queen of the Damned, Cowgirl, Army, Fireman, Showgirl, Frozen, 3 Suprise characters I can’t reveal at this moment.

How has COVID-19 affected your life and career? 

COVID  has given me many opportunities that I normally wouldn’t have had. Like a dream team consisting of Jacquie Costumes, Janine Jericho the Feature Entertainer, Alfonzo at Mad Creativity. I also got the opportunity to be in Xcitement. And support from new made friends that are basically like family now.. These people would normally be super busy. So many of these people believe in me and had the time to help me evolve feature career.

What is the first thing you do when you do when wake up? What’s for breakfast?

Jump in the shower,  mastubate, eggs and bacon. I know how to start the day off right! 

Tell us about all the celebrating you did for your birthday.

We don’t have enough time to list everything! It was pretty much party every day of the month of June from Yachts in Miami, getting published, strip clubs, photo shoots, carer, drag queens, a nudist resort and fetish party.  I took over both coasts of Florida!

What are your thoughts on Expo 2020?

I am actually nominated for an award Missexocticdancer.com. I’m really excited about that. 

What good things lie ahead in your career this year and next?

I have my first official Duo Booking with Janine Jericho at the Pony Club and Scores, Babydolls Dallas. Fetish Modeling/Filming. Janine and I will be performing at Exxxotica this year in Chicago, plus we have a booth so our fans can come meet the beautiful bombshell blonde and firey redhead Duo. I am currently booking into 2021! I’m enjoying making my fans and everyone that believed in me smile! 


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