February 2021

We have a special treat this month This is the first time in who knows how long that we have two showgirls on our cover and main layout. Koyotee J. and Hannah Doll – are they devilishly delightful or heavenly angelic? Good question. While driving to Key West a few weeks back they stopped by for this photo shoot. Enjoy the show!

How, where, when and why did you become a a dancer?
Koyotee J VonDiva:
October 2005, Edwardsburg, MI; Escape Reality. I was 21 and a bartender at Coyote Ugly in Chicago and business was at an all time low and I met JC Nicole, who at the time was a top dancer at Stimulators, now known as NightShift in Northwebster, IN. I was so intrigued at her stage presence I had to try it out . Jc let me borrow this neon, triangle yellow top and long sheer skirt, and she took me to Escape Reality for amateur night. I couldn’t think of a stage name so Miss Terry K. gave me Coyote. A shot of tequila and DJ Drew Hart put on the song, You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi. I killed that shit!!! That was it it was my heart n soul…
Hannah Doll:
I became a dancer at mile high gentlemen’s club in holiday Florida, I wanted to help out more with bills for my family and half way because I was curious and wanted to have fun.

How did you meet each other?
We met each other through Chris Meggs at the Nightmoves Magazine Caravan of Stars and awards show. Hannah was nominated best Nude Dancer. Koyotee Showcased her shows. We had the honor of presenting the DJ award to the late Christian Ott together.

What were your first impressions of each other?
That she was young and dumb and a hot mess but fucking cute as a button , she had a bubbly personality, she had this passion when she was on the pole, I saw so much of my younger self in her. Lol Hannah: If I was to describe Koyotee it would be that she is kind at heart and one of the strongest/smartest people I know and anyone who does meet her they most definitely will not forget her. She has a sweet side and a crazy side😉love them both and she is my best friend!!!
My firsts Impression of her was that she is cool as fuck and that I knew we would be friends a long time (and I was right lol

Describe each other 
If I was to describe Hannah today I would say she is a survivor. She is passionate and determined. She’s energetic. She’s still young and dumb . Lol joking!!! She has grown into a smart young woman destined to do greater things. She will always have a piece of my heart.
Hannah: If I was to describe Koyotee it would be that she is kind at heart and one of the strongest/smartest people I know and anyone who does meet her they most definitely will not forget her. She has a sweet side and a crazy side😉love them both and she is my best friend!!!

What do you like best about each other?
The best thing I like about Hannah is that she’s quick to pick up on things. She definitely keeps me on my toes. And she is always striving to be better
The best thing I like about Koyotee is her thought process to be honest and hard working.  I like people that make me me be the best I can be. She has 1000% helped me do that .She definitely keeps me on my toes. And she is always striving to be better .
Does Koyotee have any funny or odd habits?
She definitely is a super packer like she has to pack up the car herself or she won’t stop thinking about it. Lol.

Does Hannah have any funny or odd habits?
The way she sleeps. Lol . It’s either arms behind her back or head wrapped in blanket or she’s missing a sock or two…I find her socks everywhere but she never has any.

When did you discover feature dancing and what motivated you to feature?
2006 Miss Terry n this Porn Dude guy urged me to do a show at NAP she helped throw a show together in like 2 days . I Did a vampire blood bath show. Killed that shit took home Newcomer of the Year! I saw so many amazing shows I had to progress. I felt that I was born to do this, be creative entertain in costumes and get naked and make people smile, and lets be real , put money in the bank baby , lol.
I discovered feature dancing when I was nominated best nude dancer at Exxxquisit gentlemen’s club in Holiday, Florida. I was motivated to become a feature when I met the lovely Koyotee and went on tour with her and she has thought me so much, the rest is history.

Tell us about your costumes and best shows.
So every year I like to bust out a new themed show for competitions. These are all my favs. Vampire blood bath, Pokémon, Game of Thrones, Pheonix,Dollar Baby, Fireman, n oh dear let’s not forget Optimus Prime. My shows have always been known to be full of energy and excitement. With Fire, showers, hot wax, paint, whip cream, a little ass smakin, pole action.
I have a total of ten shows and counting. I have three that are my absolute favorites. My all time favorite is my Vegas one, probably because it’s my first show and it kicks ass, my second favorite show would definitely be my Harlequin  show, this show I have a blast doing and who doesn’t love Harlequin, and the third is my fire show, I love this one for the costume it’s self and how I get to show off my fire skills. 

A funny story about something that happened on stage.
One of my best stores that has happened on stage is when I was about 20 I was dance on the pole and my heel broke hit someone in the head and when I went to see if he was ok I slipped and fell right into his lap. He was ok and he actually tipped me quite a bit I think he was just being nice because I was embarrassed lol
I would have to say the time I was doing couples dance contest with Darcel at NAP. I was way too tipsy to be on stage and that man just whipped me around and had his way. Every move I did he copied in a badass hot but mocking fashion we all laughed so hard. We got first place though.

why we should come see you perform?
For starters why haven’t you come see me preform. I am a small petite blond, who can spin on a pole like no other. I have a blast everywhere I go, and everyone around me does as well! I can turn you on or make you laugh or both.everyone around me does as well! I can turn you on or make you laugh or both.
My motto has always been the more fun I have , the more fun everyone else has, well the party is in my head. We’re not here for a long time just a good time, baby. Not only do I have exciting award winning shows that will get you out your seats making it rain bills but a positive fun attitude and presence that would never let you forget me.

Tell us about Nudes-A-Poppim’
what an absolutely amazing event! If you have never been, it is one of the only places that you can watch us perform naked, I mean like you yourself naked. The coolest thing is the category’s of the competition, So many categories and hey, everyone can compete meaning girls ,boys of all shapes and sizes 😉! It’s a blast in the sunshine with an amazing adult pool where we all chill and check out the seen. Definitely one of my favorite events.
Yeah what she said . This event has become a second home to me. Scarlett Smidt and the whole crew help put on such an amazing event. Every year the event grows. It’s definitely not one I will ever miss even when retired. NAP has helped me build my career as a feature dancer in so many ways.

What are your plans for 2021, Expo, NAP, FDNC
So for 2021 we are attending Expo in Miami. We will have Booth #103 sponsored by 4 Play Gentlemans club of St. Petersburg, Fl., and Teasers of Keywest, Fl. Hope to see everyone there!! As of right now we don’t have dates for NAP or FDNC but we will definitely be attending so stay tuned.

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Say a few words to the fans. 
Yes guys you rawk! It never gets old seeing your smiling faces . Your support has always been huge part of our success.. thank you!! Keep it up , And we will keep entertaining our hearts out for you!! Hope to see you all soon.

Kooyotee is 2021 Miss Nude Universe Elite Champion and 2021 Miss Nude Pole Champion. Hannah is current Miss Nude Petite International Puerto Rico

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