We have a special treat for our local readers – a genume local beauty born in the 305. Each month we search the nation to bring you the best possible cover girl and we found Havana Bleu right here in our own backyard. Like everone in the adudlt entertainment industray her career came to a halt whe the COVID virus shurt our country down. As we move into 2021 and a return to normalcy, exprect big thngs for Havana Bleu.

I’ve been scrolling through your twitter feed and thoroughly enjoying myself.  You seem to be a happy fun loving person and your smile is radiant. Xcitement is based in South Florida so your Cuban heritage makes you the perfect cover girl.  

I saw on your Twitter that did a scene with Rubber Doll. She is one of my favorite people and we’ve known each other for years. Please tell us about the scene and what you did to each other.

I met Rubber Doll at Exxxotica Miami 2019. She was so informative about the industry. Super helpful and so sweet. The day of our scene she dressed me up with one of her latex outfits, which looked so hot and I got to experience my first time using a double head dildo with her. She was very easy, comfortable and fun to work with.

Sex on the beach! How did you and Peter Green get away with it?  That must have been outrageous!

The scene sex on the beach so hot! It was a mission climbing the rocks on the beach but it was so worth it. We had to cut a bunch of times because we were surrounded by so many people but we got the job done. I’m sure some people noticed that something was going on but we were quick to stop and act normal. Super hot scene!

How do you start your day?  What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? What’s for breakfast?

I start my day with breakfast! I love cereal with milk and waffles. Thirty minutes after eating breakfast I workout for 30 minutes. 
I saw you had a busy feature dancing schedule before COVID-`9 brought it all to a stop.  How was the pandemic affected your year?
I was impressed on how many feature bookings I got as soon as I turned in my pictures to agency’s to get bookings. I really was looking forward to all my bookings til Covid-19 came and all bookings got canceled. The pandemic affected my bookings along with my shoots fit company’s but it boosted up my OnlyFans. 

Tell us about your feature dancing shows.  What is it like to be on stage?

 I love to be on stage! I enjoy watching my fans enjoy my show. It feels amazing to interact with my fans and take pictures 

I see you went to Cuba last year.  What was the experience? I’m very curious about Cuba and wish I could visit.

 I went to Cuba summer 2019. It was my first time visiting Cuba. I was born in Miami, Florida but both my parents are from a Havana, Cuba. I got to visit their neighborhood and see the house they grew up in, that put a smile on my face. 

All the 2020 Exxxotica shows so far have been cancelled. I hope Washington DC is still on.  Are you appearing? Xcitement has always been a sponsor of the Miami show and will be again in 2021 so we are hoping to meet you.
If all goes well with the COVID situation then I might attend

What do you do in you are nor working?
When I’m not working I’m at home with my family. 

What  are your favorite foods and drinks? Cafecito?

My favorite food is pizza with a Coca-Cola. 
Vodka and cranberry.  Cuban coffee 

 What is your favorite sex toy and why?
My favorite sex toy is a vibrator. I love the vibration on the clitoris 
Best sex position – least favorite. 

 Doggy and reverse cowgirl are my favorite and least favorite is spoon. 

Last thing you do when you turn out the lights at night?

I watch tv 

A few words to the fans.

 I love my fans! Thank you for all your support and amazing ratings on my videos. Thank you for coming out to my feature shows and for subscribing on my platforms. Thank you for showing love, it’s truly appreciated! 

To book me for feature dancing at your gentlemen’s club please contact Centerfold Features at 1-877-427-8747
IG: @havanateambleu 
Snap: Havanableuxo 
Twitter: bleuhavana 
TikTok: havanableuxo 
OnlyFans: OnlyFans.com/havanableuxo 
thank you so much!

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