March 18, 2021 Xcitement

St. Patrick One Year After

One year ago today we were at the Chetah Hallandale taking a photo of the wait-staff as the club was getting ready to open for the day when the announcement came through that Governor DeSanris ordered all clubs and restaurants to shut down. From one end of the club everyone stood in disbelief.  Right in the middle of a big holiday, with no advance warning Florida was shut downing and the nightmare began.

We thought the shutdown would last a month. A month went by Two months wintry. Half a year went by. 2020 was a wipe out.

It was a long trying year, but here we were taking a new photo of the wait-staff as the Cheetah Hallandale was about to open,  Finally one year later we were about to have our Corned Beef and cabbage along with boiled green potatoes.

Life is starting to look good again!

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