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Bambi Wilde on being Miss Nude World

I am in the unique position of being able to invite you to this year’s Miss Nude World Pageant, held at my club, Luxxx Showgirls in Illinois, as the current Miss Nude World. 

The time from my first invitation to Miss Nude World in 2015, when I was still living in my home country of New Zealand, to Winning the Title last year in the Palomino in Las Vegas was an incredible journey that could not have imagined. 

Now I’m at the start of another incredible adventure. And I know that although my achievements are mostly due to my own consistent hard work and the unconditional love and support I’m lucky to have in my life; none of it would have transpired if Gracie Cardoso (of the World’s Pageants) hadn’t popped into my inbox one day and invited me to Miss Nude World in the United States- it was something that I never would have perceived as a possibility on my own. When I finally won the title for 2020 late last year, I was ecstatic; my 2020 calendar quickly filled up with awesome bookings and lavish events. 

When my partner Cory Hart and I took over a club in Peoria in February of this year, it was to be another fun project for the both us, but we both had very busy schedules separately. Covid-19 effectively dashed most of those plans, and we were left with a club which couldn’t be open, but that had our undivided love and attention. 

I was determined to still represent my Title as Miss Nude World proudly, and we pivoted; making the best of the situation. Luxxx Showgirls hosted strictly online events for 8 weeks, and we managed to keep the momentum going thanks to the efforts of some amazing feature entertainers, DJs and computer geniuses. 

We were blessed to be able to reopen in June while many other areas were still dealing with restrictions. So our goal was to bring the best entertainment in the safest environment to our public, and support as many industry professionals as possible. We host regular pageants and have a monthly Feature Entertainer. And Now we get to host the biggest pageant in our industry with so many amazing entertainers. 

So was my year as Miss Nude World what I expected? Not at all. But I am so proud of what I have achieved in the face of adversity this year, so grateful to have the love and support of all the people moving forward, so humbled to be a part of an industry full of survivors, and so very happy to invite you to Miss Nude World 2021 at Luxxx Showgirls. Let’s make history – Bambi Wilde Miss Nude World 2020 Co Owner Luxxx Showgirls 

The 2021 Miss Nude World Pageant is at Club Luxxx, Peoria,Illinois, November 8-14. Luxx is full nude with full alcohol.

Miss Nude World 2019 and contestants at the Palomin Club
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