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Alberta’s Sugar Showroom

Alberta's Only Topless Club

"Our vision of Sugar is to delight and wow every guest with an unrivaled experience, fascinating entertainment, and exceptional service, every time! "

DJ Samantha XO

Ella Hotwheels Interview with Sugar Showroom Located at 736 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB Canada

Ella Hotwheels here, your 2022 Miss Exotic World and Miss Nude World Newcomer of the Year. I sat down recently with Dale Pidluzny of Blondies Cabaret in Calgary, Alberta (one of my home clubs in Canada) to talk about the recent opening of the team’s new bar, Sugar Showroom. Sugar Showroom opened this past October, a wildly successful weekend I was privileged to not only attend but also perform for.

Ella Hotwheels: Hello Dale! Thanks for sitting down with us! Tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been in the adult entertainment industry, and in what capacities?

Dale Pidluzny: I have been in the adult entertainment industry for over 20 years with the majority of that time spent as a booking agent for one of Western Canada’s premier exotic entertainment agencies, and then the last 3 years as a club owner in Blondies Cabaret and Sugar Showroom.  I have seen a lot in the industry, good and bad, and am excited about the future.

Ella Hotwheels: You obviously have an incredible team. Whom would you like to shout out?

Dale Pidluzny: You are 100% correct, we do have an incredible team.  In addition to myself as the Entertainment Director, it couldn’t have happened without my partner David Hensch who is the visionary of the clubs, and my other partner Allan Hlusiak who is the king of execution.  As owners, we can only do so much so I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is due to our entertainers, DJs, Security, Bartenders, Servers, and everyone else that works with us – without everyone’s hard work and dedication this would not have been possible, and I am eternally grateful.

Ella Hotwheels: The success of Blondies in Calgary lead to the opening of Sugar Showroom this past October. What kind of club is Blondies and what was the vision for Sugar? 

Dale Pidluzny: When we came up with the concept for Blondies, we wanted a club that was multi-faceted, inclusive, and accessible to all.  Within that, we put a major focus into making a comfortable environment that combines the ability to watch your favorite sports team or sporting event with the addition of world-class exotic entertainment.  A place where you can come for the game and stay for the show or come for the show and enjoy the game – choose your own adventure so to speak.

Our vision of Sugar is to delight and wow every guest with an unrivaled experience, fascinating entertainment, and exceptional service, every time!  This is the mantra we live by and every decision we make needs to fit into the vision.  Sugar appeals to all audiences and genders and has an incredible party vibe where you can enjoy bottle service or just a drink while enjoying the entertainment on the large stadium-focused catwalk stage.  Our goal is to cement ourselves as leaders in the adult entertainment industry.

Ella Hotwheels: What makes Sugar different than other clubs in Alberta/Canada? 

Dale Pidluzny: Sugar has many differences, but the key differentiator is Sugar is the only topless club in Alberta.  Being in Alberta we have a 3-foot rule, meaning a full nude dancer must stay at least 3 feet away from customers, and contact of any kind is not allowed.  By positioning ourselves as topless only it allows the customers to fully interact with the stage performers in a way no other club can offer, and who doesn’t like to make it rain – we are also the first club in Alberta to offer the US $1 bills which are used to take care of the entertainers in an up-close and personal manner.  That said, we do have a full nude VIP experience area where you can fulfill your every desire.

Ella Hotwheels: Can you tell us a bit about the grand opening? What was it like opening a club during the pandemic?

Dale Pidluzny: Getting to the grand opening was a wild ride, to say the least.  We were continually in and out of government Covid restrictions which presented major challenges leading up to the opening.  We were constantly moving the opening date and when we finally did get opened, we opened with a bang.  It all did come together from having world-class entertainers, a large Calgary hospitality contingent supporting us, and of course the patrons that came to show their support.  The City of Calgary really got behind us as we were one of the only organizations that were considering expanding in a pandemic where a lot of other businesses were closing, and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Hopefully, this is the last time we must deal with that chaos as we have further expansion plans in mind.

Ella Hotwheels: Your clubs, Blondies and Sugar, are a known favorite among dancers. What makes your clubs a great place for the dancers?

Dale Pidluzny: Without the dancers, we don’t have a club, so we place an immense amount of focus on developing a positive and safe culture.  It is where the majority of our attention is driven, and we believe that is what makes us a favorite.  We always treat our dancers with the utmost respect and will have their backs in any situation.  We want all our dancers to speak positively about us when they are touring and in their everyday life – might sound cliche but they are family to us and must be treated as so. We also do not impose floor fees or ‘quotas’ (a required number of dances to be sold by stage performers) as we find this takes the pressure off the dancers and they then don’t need to pressure the customers.

Ella Hotwheels: Most readers are from the US; can you give us an idea of the difference between Canadian and US clubs?

Dale Pidluzny: This is a tough question to answer.  Each of the Canadian provinces has its regulations governing exotic entertainment and some provinces don’t allow it at all.  Your experience in each province will be different from West to East.  That said, Canada has some of the best exotic entertainment clubs in the world.  We would love to see your readers come and experience the Canadian Strip Club culture for themselves.

Ella Hotwheels: For those traveling to Calgary from the US, what makes Sugar a destination not to be missed?

Dale Pidluzny: Sugar is right in the heart of downtown Calgary and is surrounded by major hotels, amazing restaurants, and the Calgary Tower.  When you arrive at Sugar you are greeted with an underground speakeasy-style feel which sets the tone for when you walk into the room.  The music will lift you to groove while watching the stunning entertainers on stage, and you can choose if you want to hang out at the bar or grab one of our 7 luxury bottle service booths, and we even have a private stage near the VIP rooms for a more intimate experience with your group.  And of course, I must speak about the dancers and entertainment, we want to make sure that everyone that visits has a positive reaction that they will be inclined to tell their friends, and without the incredible talent, we book that wouldn’t be possible.

Ella Hotwheels: What kind of events and parties does Sugar cater to?

Dale Pidluzny: Sugar caters to any types of parties from stags and stagettes, corporate events, birthdays, divorce parties, and any occasion you can dream up.  We also have a fully private 50-person room available to book for a more private experience.  We will always make sure your event is extra special and memorable no matter what you are celebrating.

For more information on our offerings please visit sugarshowroom.com and blondiescabaret.com

Dale and team, thanks so much for sharing your success story with Xcitement Magazine!

Ella Hotwheels
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