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57th Miss Burlesque North America

Shimmy LaRoux of Chicago is the new Miss Burlesque North America

Miss Burlesque North America originally set to take place August 19th at the prestigious Playhouse Theatre in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, was cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions on inside gatherings and international travel. Shelby Doll’s production company RatNip Productions in coordination with Pole Access Online were able to produce a fantastic digital presentation of the show for the same date, allowing performers from all over North America to still participate. The digital competition brought some of the industries top talents. The elite competitors were Strange Beauty, Lady Sirène, Truth Winters, Onyx, Shay Lynn, Shimmy LaRoux and Lily Lynx. However, Lady Sirène, Shay Lynn and  Shimmy LaRoux took home top honours in the elite division qualifying them for Miss Burlesque World Finals. Onyx of Canada received North America’s Best Overall Show, Lily Lynx was Canada’s best production, truth winters was the winner of best stage personality and strange beauty was the USA’s best costume. 

Shelby Doll the 56th Miss Burlesque North America was excited to hand her crown and sash down to Shimmy LaRoux of Chicago stating “She will be another amazing Miss Burlesque North America. The list is long but all the girls to hold this sash are unique, beautiful and top talents. This marks another great pageant! These competitions mean a lot to the girls. I am proud to give up competing in the burlesque series to help the shows go smoothly and grow even bigger in coordination with the Miss Exotic Pageant Series.” Shay Lynn placed 3rd and Lady Sirène 2nd. 
Shimmy’s performance was a dazzling showcase of classique burlesque her smile and charisma really helped her show take the crown. The judging panel was a combination of many theatre professionals and a top event producer and radio host in the Maritimes of Canada. They all complimented her well choreographed show and sexy smile that seemed to draw you into the performance, even digitally. 

The rising star division was represented by three local talents in New Brunswick. Delilah Darling, RyeLeigh and Miss Lylith. After a fiery spider performance which ended with a man tied in ropes the erotic Miss Lylith took home the rising star grand champion sash. 
Overall the show was a great presentation with international industry icon and one of the top showgirl talents Shelby Doll hosting beside Scarlett James, Montreal’s queen of Burlesque and Producer of the Montreal Burlesque festival. 

Clay Mazing of New Orleans dazzled and surprised us all with his great magic act that surprised contemporary industry viewers shocked to see boylesque. However compliments were received for including this aspect of our industry which often is excluded to female only shows.

This show was produced by RatNip Productions  for the Miss Exotic Pageant Series. The show was sponsored by the Fredericton Tattoo Expo, Spicy Peach Creations, DoctOrganix, Nikitas, Mad Cat Media, Unicorns Unlimited, Rob Nelson Enterprises and Hardway Cycles. Next years Miss Burlesque North America is set to take place in March at the a Fredericton Tattoo Expo at the Convention centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. This show will again be produced by RatNip. 

Biography of Shimmy LaRoux

Holding a Gin & Tonic in one hand with the other ready for a hug, Shimmy LaRoux is the woman your feisty grandma was “back in her day”. She knows that laughter is always the best medicine and that it’s always possible to get what you want if you know how to shake a tail feather…or even a bit more.

Shimmy owns the stage with each performance and will leave you with a smile on your face, your shoulders shaking and your body wanting just a little extra. Her style combines sweetness, joy and and in your face bawdiness that comes from knowing life is a fun ride.

A Chicago burlesque performer, teacher and model, Shimmy LaRoux is your bad girl with good home training. Bringing a combination of quirky charm and infectious energy, Shimmy is able to channel classic Hollywood, be playfully cheeky or serve fierce diva realness. 

Shimmy was honored to be a 2019 Mover, Shaker and Innovator at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, headliner at the 2019 Ohio Burlesque Festival, winner of Best Overall at the 2019 Dublin Burlesque Festival, producer of Shimmy’s House Party in Chicago and is an internationally traveling performer!

Shimmy LaRoux is sassy, classy…but never ashy!
Photo Credit: Lucy Wak

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