August 28, 2020 Xcitement

2021 North American Showgirl Festival announced

The North American Showgirl Festival is produced by RatNip Productions, (international showgirl superstar Shelby Doll’s production company). The festival takes place every August on Shelby Doll’s birthday weekend around the 23rd. This year the festival was postponed due to COVID 19 restrictions prohibiting a large number of American based entertainers from attending. The festival began small in 2017 and has since grown to include entertainers from all over North America to include top industry showgirls such as; 2x Miss Nude Canada, Onyx, Industry club favorite Shay Lynn and 2x MNW Entertainer of the year Janine Jericho who were all slated to attend amongst 20 other performers in August 2020. 
Shelby Doll is a playboy playmate, international showgirl superstar and longtime industry amateur inspiration. This top booked entertainer currently books with top industry agencies such as; A-list, Continental, Centerfolds Features, and independently on her own, created the showgirl festival in hopes of producing an industry event in which the showgirls were not just entertainment but the center of the event’s purpose. “No booking agency holds the reigns on our championships. This festival is by showgirls for showgirls and it is the showgirls who gain from every aspect of the festival. I hire a headliner and pay her a gig, the girls compete and gain titles and all agents work with venues to sponsor bookings. This festival means a lot to me, I host it every year on my 300+acre farm and allow patrons to camp free if they buy our $25.00/weekend pass. We host the redneck games so the girls can have some quality entertainment (LMAO) and we hire many bands to support local artists and give the entertainers some killer tunes providing a rocking party. The workshops are offered by long time industry showgirl stars for amateur showgirls to learn the art and pass it on, keeping it alive. This event is unique because you gain from the eye candy but it is about us, it is a showgirls paradise.This event is only possible because of our large and dedicated volunteer staff, I would like to thank them and all of the girls and patrons who return year after year!” The festival has been nicknamed Stripper Woodstock by patrons to the event and there is truly nothing like it. Imagine rolling down a mile-long dirt road lined with Shelby’s maple trees, and it opens up to a massive field full tents, rv’s, horses, cows, garden, chickens and naked talented women? 
The property features a shower house, Big Buck lodge, sugary, camp kitchen, camp store, over 200 acres of hiking and ATV trails, craft centre and two smaller cabins available for rent. After making the long trek from the states, all patrons from the USA have returned to another festival the following year. 
The 2021 festival is set for August 20 & 21st at Scotch Lake Adventure ( tickets can be purchased at beginning in late September. The schedule is set to include: Showgirl workshops, live music, corn roast, RedNeck Games, Wet T-shirt contest and Shay Lynns headlining performance Friday. Amateur showcases, contests, exotic pole championships, showgirl championships, bike show, calendar shoot, world-famous maple syrup wrestling, live music, and Shelby Doll’s headlining performance Saturday. Stay tuned for the full line up and band announcements throughout this fall. All cabins are already sold out for 2021 and over $30,000.00 in upgrades has been put into the festival grounds for 2021 to include a redone and expanded stage, dressing room, and event building!
The 2021 festival is sponsored by Peeled, Billy Hill Show, DoctOrganix, Miss Exotic Pageant Series, Mad Cat Media, Spicey Peach Creations, Hardway Cycles, Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation, Centerfold Features, Nikita’s Adult Entertainment, Angies Show Palace, Rob Nelson Enterprises and Unicorns Unlimited.


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